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Teachers i/c:
Mdm Ng Kee Teng
Mr Goh Poh Min
Mr Irwin B Mohamed Yusof
Mr Yap Boon Kiat

Organisational structure:


B Boys Captain: Jamus Tan Yi Jun                                     B Girls Captain: Gan Ke Ying Carlyn

C Boys Captain: Gan Wen Rui                                            C Girls Captain: Lim Jia Wen


EVG Badminton
EVG Badminton aims to develop student leaders to be resilient and committed athletes. The members hone their badminton skills and court craft through rigorous training routines that push students to develop their potential. Every student is given an opportunity to participate in a variety of team and individual events where they gain exposure and match experience through friendly matches, school competitions and external competitions. Together with their coach, EVG Badminton aims to build sportsmanship and strength in our students, inspiring them to be well-rounded athletes who are accomplished in both their sport and studies.

Training days (2019)
School team members (Boys and Girls) : Tuesday and Thursday 3 pm to 5:30 pm
School team and recreational members: Alternate Fridays 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm (To look
out for announcements)

Training Venues (2019)
Semester 1: Evergreen Secondary School Hall
Semester 2: Evergreen Primary School Hall

EVG Badminton Events & Achievements 2019

C Division Girls Northzone 2019 - Top 8
R.O.M.P 2019 Badminton Competition - Top 8
Badminton Carnival by SAC C Division Girls 2019 - 2nd Place
Friendly Match with Zhonghua Secondary School (B and C Girls)
Friendly Match with Anglo Chinese School (Barker Road) (B and C Boys)
Friendly Match with Bowen Secondary School (B and C Boys)
VIA with Special Olympics (Badminton)

Badminton 1
Badminton 3
Badminton 2
Badminton 4
Badminton 5