Financial Assistance & Insurance Matters

Financial Assistance Scheme

MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (MOE FAS)



Gross Household Income does not exceed $2,750 per month


Per Capita Income (PCI)* does not exceed $690 per month


*PCI = Gross Household Income/No of members in household¹

¹Household members include parents, unmarried siblings and grandparents of the child as well as other dependents living in the same household

Types of benefits provided under MOE FAS (Secondary School):

Item Benefits
School Fees Waived
Standard Miscellaneous Fees Waived
2nd-Tier Miscellaneous Fees $10 payable by student (Deductible from student’s Edusave)
Textbooks & School Attire Free
Transport Subsidy $120 transport credit per annum for students taking public transport
Meal Coupon $5.80 per day This will be activated only upon registration of EZ-Link card at general office

Application form can be obtained either from the School General Office or downloaded here: MOE FAS Application Form 2021.


School-Based Financial Assistance Scheme (SB FAS)

Needy students who do not meet the eligibility criteria for MOE FAS may also apply for the SB FAS. Approval will be given on a case-by-case basis.



·       Applicants must be a Singapore Citizen

·       Applicant’s family’s monthly gross income per capita should be $850 or below

·        Recipients of other bursaries (excluding MOE FAS) are not eligible to apply

Application form can be obtained either from the School General Office or downloaded here: 2021 DSB FAS application form.


Student's Insurance Plan

Company: NTUC Income

Find out the summary of claims procedure and coverage. GPA Product Fact Sheet 2020

To make a claim, please refer to the claim procedure and download the claim form through the following link:

(i) Claim Procedure : Submit claim form to General Office together with the original receipts within a month, from the first receipt date.
(ii) Download the required claim forms here

Alternatively, the online claims portal is