The School Advisory Committee

The School Advisory Committee (SAC) of Evergreen Secondary School provides critical support to the school in her efforts to deliver quality school experience to every student and develop each one holistically in line with the MOE desired outcomes of education.

As a key partner in guiding and growing the school to realise her mission and vision, the SAC has a deep interest in the students and staff.  Importantly, the SAC provides reliable support for student well-being, including several supplementary financial assistance schemes for needy students.  Members also provide access to helpful resources in the community. In so doing, the SAC gives students opportunities to nurture a deeper sense of connectedness with the community and the nation.

SAC Office Bearers

Lydia Chan Chairman
Edward Wee Vice - Chairman
Vincent Toh Secretary
Carina Chia Member
Lim Kee Cheng Member
Tony Ng Member