Principal's Message 2019



Foreword to students

Learning is for life at Evergreen Secondary School.

Once we see that, we will be able to set our minds to focus on the important things. We can say no to unnecessary stress and anxieties. Instead, we will develop holistically and acquire the abilities that make us stronger.

I encourage you to see learning as a process to develop skills for the future. It is an empowering journey. As you deepen your understanding of the academic subjects, you learn to think critically. Your abilities to inquire, to search for solutions are enhanced. You communicate effectively in writing and in speech because you grow in confidence and empathy.

During Co-curricular Activities (CCAs), put your heart and mind into developing the abilities to work with others as you solve complex problems together. Find ways to train smarter. Set common goals that you can all rally around. Make a difference by proactively engaging your peers to improve your CCAs, effecting changes to make your “organisation” grow.

When we have a growth mindset, we begin to see possibilities where there seemed none. Daunting tasks become opportunities to surpass ourselves. High targets turn into aspirations to motivate us. If we fail, we try again.

Beyond all these, I hope that you can develop deep and meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.

I wish you an exciting 2019 ahead.

Vincent Toh

Mr Vincent Toh