Principal's Message 2021

Foreword to students

Coming of Age

For many cultures, the 21st birthday signifies the coming of age. It is a time we declare to the world that we are entering adulthood. It is a time for celebration.

2021 marks this milestone for Evergreen Secondary as an institution. We are turning 21! This means a lot to every one of us in the school, teachers, non-teaching staff, past and present cohort of students, parents, and various stakeholders.

Evergreen Secondary, like many other institutions, had gone through an unprecedented year, managing the many challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020. Teachers and students had to adjust in the ways they conduct their teaching and learning in major ways. We have grown stronger, as we celebrate our 21st year in these extraordinary times

Let me share three areas that define our coming of age.

Coming of age for the school: An institution of choice

The school has grown together with the Woodlands precinct. Over the years, with the support of the community and various stakeholders, the school has seen through many generations of EVGians. Many parents and students choose Evergreen because they believe this is a place where strong foundations would be laid for their children to enable them to thrive. Its caring professional community of teachers is committed to provide the best environment to develop in every child “a passion to contribute and excel”.

Coming of age for every child: A place where students grow from strength to strength

In their four to five years with us, EVGians have the opportunities to develop and flourish. Through a strengths-based approach, students find their purpose, and learn to relate to one another, recognising everyone has their unique set of strengths.

The Evergreen student is well-respected by their peers in other schools. They enjoy a good name in the community, and are known to be well-disciplined and self-directed. At home, they can be trusted to care for their family members. They care for the community, and are constantly looking for ways to make life better for others. I would like to encourage every EVGian to continue to believe in yourself, and endeavour to grow from strength to strength. We will be there to support you.

Moving forward: Towards a Digital Age

As one of the Phase 1 schools in the Personalised Digital Learning Programme, every EVGian can look forward to receiving their personal learning device by the middle of 2021. The school has invested heavily in the professional development of our teachers to deliver high quality lessons that are ICT-enabled.

The possibilities are endless. In class, students can look forward to a more engaging teaching and learning experience. They can also learn at their own pace by reviewing the lessons on their device, and look for new information on topics that interest them. They can look forward to learning beyond our shores. For example, in 2020, teachers were able to mount virtual learning trips to China and South Africa. Students interacted with their peers in different parts of the world through the skilful use of ICT, and creative lessons.

We believe we can raise many more generations of caring leaders and thinking citizens who will make a difference wherever they are.

Mr Vincent Toh


Mr Vincent Toh