EVG’s Enhanced ALP programme in the news!

EVG’s Enhanced ALP programme offers a comprehensive curriculum to guide students in their lyrical expressions and to convey their emotions through music. The songs that have been produced through this programme have been sent in to represent the school for the annual Xinyao competition, and have received many accolades. The writing of Xinyao gives students a valuable opportunity to express themselves in an original and creative way, and they also learn how to apply Mandarin in an authentic context. Well done to our budding musical talents and to our CL and Music departments! Read more on our Enhanced ALP programme that has been featured on Zaobao Comma and Lianhe Zaobao! You may also access the articles at the following links:

Zaobao Comma: https://zbschools.sg/news/local/stories-15822 

Lianhe Zaobao: https://www.zaobao.com.sg/special/report/singapore/xin-kong-xia/happenings/story20200617-1061735