EVG Fortissimo: innovation at its finest

Our Music Department innovatively designed EVG FORTISSIMO so that the school could still enjoy our annual talent search contest, but through an online concert. Students innovatively weaved a Youtube live stream of the performances and pre-recorded videos into one seamless concert. The weaving of the live performances and the pre-recorded ones was deliberately done with careful attention paid to all the existing COVID-19 safety measures.
On Friday 3 July 2020, the mesmerising performances were broadcasted to the rest of the EVG family via a live stream. The entire EVG family then participated in an online voting segment where the top three winners were decided.
The loud cheers and applause down the hallways were a testament to the hard work by the teachers and EVGians. One of the loudest cheers went to the Principal for the song he sang, accompanied by his guitar. What a fantastic end to the week with a celebration of great talent.
Bravo, EVGians, for the outstanding showcase of your creativity!