Science Department

We nurture students with a curiosity and humility to learn about the world around them through scientific approaches, leading to sound scientific understanding that empowers them to contribute and excel as active citizens.

A dynamic team to ignite the passion for learning of Science.

Integrated approach for Normal (Academic) and Express
Students undergo a rigorous two-year Lower Secondary science curriculum in Evergreen Secondary School. Science topics are categorised under the three main disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and are taught separately by teachers from each of the disciplines of science. Much effort has been invested to integrate the three sciences through interdisciplinary projects such as Interdisciplinary Project Work.

Enrichment Programmes (for Lower Secondary)

Secondary 1: IMDA ‘Labs on Wheels’
The Secondary 1 students got to learn more about technology and media on board the IMDA Lab on Wheels as part of post-exam activities in May this year. They had the opportunity to try and experiment with the various new technological exhibits on board such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Social Robotics & Artifical Intelligence, and Internet of Things.


The following were some feedback gathered from the students.

  • It is very cool and interesting, and I am able to experience things I have never tried before.
  • It was very fun and enjoyable. I am now more interested in technology after the experience.
  • It was fun learning about AI and how it works.

Secondary 2
(1) 2N(T) Learning Journey to Senoko Waste-to-Energy Plant
To allow the students to better understand how the collected waste was been processed and what happens to them after processing, the students embarked on a learning journey to Senoko Waste-to-Energy Plant in June. This was in relation to the topic they were learning on pollution as well.

(2) Dental Enrichment Programme (for selected Sec 2E students)
The module was conducted by Professor Jaya and his team of PhD candidates from the National University of Singapore Faculty of Dentistry.

This module introduces the science of dentistry in the classroom setting. Students got to solve problems based on dental health with laboratory apparatus and guidance from current practitioners. They were also be taught techniques on how to extract material from the mouth and perform common investigative dental procedures in order to understand how to achieve good dental health.


(3) Crime Scene Investigation Module (for Sec 2E students)
The teachers conducted our very first in-house enrichment module in May for Secondary 2 Express students.

The module aims to introduce students to crime scene investigation and the forensic science techniques used in the process. Students learned how to examine evidence found in a crime scene and the techniques used to process the evidence. They were taught how to specifically analyse blood samples, glass shattering patterns, fingerprints and other types of available evidence to eliminate suspects and eventually nab the culprit. Throughout the module, students were engaged in making comparisons, classifications, observations, measurements, and predictions, and also to formulate hypotheses through interpreting the data that they encountered.

Science and Technology Research Programme (STRP)
This programme was initiated in 2009. The aim of the programme is to provide selected Lower Secondary students who have demonstrated interest in and an aptitude for scientific research, the opportunity to participate in research projects under the guidance of teacher mentors. The students work in small groups (4 to 5) on a project basis under the close mentorship of two teacher mentors. The project involves experimentation, data collection and analysis, and write-up of the research area.

This year, 2 teams of students participated in the 13th Singapore National Crystal Growing Challenge organised by National University of Singapore every 2 years.


We also sent 2 teams of students for the 17th Elementz Science Project Competitions. Both teams were awarded Certificates of Commendation.

Green Environment Education
This programme has been in place since 2009 with the following objectives:

  • Promote the conservation of the environment and climate awareness to the school population.
  • To raise awareness of the importance of being a global citizen.
  • To encourage students to share and promote the importance of the conservation of the environment and climate awareness to their family and friends at home.

Every year, we carry out the following activities at different times of the year to promote and increase the staff and students’ environmental awareness on the recent environmental issues at hand. The list of programmes and activities that they may be involved in are as follows:

  1. Learning Journey to Incineration Plant
  2. National Environment Quiz
  3. Earth Hour and Earth Day Activities and Lesson (whole school)
  4. Interdisciplinary Project Work (Lower Secondary students)
  5. Values in action (VIA) project

School Green Award
The SEC-StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) is a self-audited voluntary environmental programme which serves as a platform for students to develop and showcase their environmental efforts, through customised activities which will help them gain a better understanding of the environment. Evergreen Secondary School has once again achieved the Lotus Sustained Achievement Award in the SEC-StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) 2017. We have been attaining the Lotus Sustained Achievement Award since 2012.

National Environment Quiz
This year, three of our Lower Secondary students took part in the National Environment Quiz organised by Nan Hua High School. The quiz aims to increase awareness of environmental issues amongst students. We are glad to share that Tee Wei Ling and Sheryl Yim from Secondary 1 received Certificates of Participation for the quiz and Britney Ang from Secondary 2 was awarded the Champion Trophy for the Individual category.

Wei Ling, Britney and Sheryl (From left to right)

Earth Hour
On the week of Earth Hour, students were also encouraged to switch off their lights for one hour to support energy conservation.

Students making announcement about Earth Hour

Earth Day
Lessons on reducing the carbon footprint were planned during Home Period and the importance of reducing the use of plastics was also emphasised. On one of the days, an exhibition was held at the Notice Board Area to raise awareness of the ways the students can help to conserve the environment. There were also games for students to try out during their recesses.

Making announcement during Morning Assembly regarding Earth Day
Making announcement during Morning Assembly regarding Earth Day
Students designing a pledge for Earth Day
Students designing a pledge for Earth Day
Students trying out interactive games on the importance of reducing food waste
Students trying out interactive games on the importance of reducing food waste
Students visiting the exhibits during recess
Students visiting the exhibits during recess
The importance of taking the stairs to play their part to reduce the carbon footprint
The importance of taking the stairs to play their part to reduce the carbon footprint
Students visiting the exhibits during recess
Students visiting the exhibits during recess