MTL Department

Mother Tongue Languages Department’s Mission
To nurture an EVGIAN who has the love for his/her own Mother Tongue, appreciates his/her own culture and practices good values

Mother Tongue Language (Courses)
CL & ML (Express/ N(A) / N(T))

HMT Criteria:

  • Students who offer Mother Tongue Language (MTL)(i.e. Chinese/ Malay/ Tamil) or HMTL (i.e. Higher Chinese/ Higher Malay/ Higher Tamil) at the PSLE and
  • are ranked among the top 10% of the PSLE;
  • or are in the top 11% - 30% band who meet the language criteria (i.e. an A* grade in the MTL or at least a Merit in the HMTL)
  • May be offered to study HMTL
  • Evergreen Secondary school has the flexibility to allow pupils who do not meet the above criteria to offer HMTL, if they are assessed to have exceptional ability in MTL and are able to do HMTL without affecting their performance in other subjects.


  • Enrichment programme to stretch students’ potential
  • Programmes to support MTL students learning outcomes (oracy, written skills)
  • Providing platforms for students to branch out and benchmark their language competencies
  • Support language acquisition through structured reading programme
  • Enhance pupils’ oral and reading competencies through the MTL Comprehensive Reading Programme
  • Infusion of ICT in language learning