Nutrition And Food Science

Upper Secondary

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GCE N(A)-Level:

GCE O-Level:

Our goals are:

  1. to provide students with fundamental knowledge in nutrition, health and food science that prepares them for tertiary studies in applied food science and careers in the health, food and beverage industries.
  2. to empower students to become informed consumers  by teaching them the skills and knowledge through food selection and be equipped with skills in food preparation and recipe modification.
  3. to equip students with relevant 21st century competenciesthat prepare them to thrive in a future driven by globalisation and technological advancements.

(Reference: CPDD Teaching and Learning Guide)

Some upper Sec practical examinations photos:

Upper secondary students cooking 4 dishes for their practical examinations

Every year, Secondary 3 Food and Nutrition students are given the opportunity to attend a culinary course conducted by a professional chef. This year we attended the course at Palate Sensations Cooking School where the students learned to make Choux pastry, Pizza and Swiss Roll. The skills learned are in line with the N(A) and O-Level National Examinations requirements and will be useful to create their own interesting and creative dishes for their practical examinations.

Students at work and proud of their end products