EVG's P.R.I.S.M Programme (Powering Real-World Interdisciplinary Student Music Experiences)
Here at Evergreen Secondary, students automatically join a two (mandatory) + two (optional) year in-house Programme (PRISM) that develops students into songwriters, singers and critical thinkers. Opportunities are given for students to develop their music craft and a robust in-house two-year GMP programme is dedicated to helping them achieve a basic ability to write songs on their own.

EVG's Your Voice! Songwriting Programme
Songwriting rewards immensely. When students get the opportunity to craft their own song from scratch, the fulfilling experience convinces them that there is joy in learning. A song done well creates a strong sense of ownership and belief in the inherent value of the student’s voice. For many, it uncovers hidden talents that leads to a daring entrepreneurial spirit.

Why then do most schools not offer a comprehensive GMP songwriting module? Insufficient curriculum time, hefty student pre-requisites and a landscape that generally sees songwriting as new and uncharted at the GMP level are the main concerns.

At Evergreen, we have addressed these concerns by designing a robust and sustainable ICT-infused songwriting module that churns out a large student body capable of writing their own songs, with substantial numbers moving on to bigger things like writing musicals for schools, national songwriting competitions etc. Entitled "EVG's Your Voice! Songwriting Programme", our two year in-house General Music Programme (GMP) teaches students with or without formal music background how to write their own songs from scratch.

Here is a list of awards our talented students have garnered over the years:

External Competition/s No. of participants (2016) No. of participants (2017) No. of participants (2018)
SYF National Songwriting Competition 0 6 [Top 8 Nationwide] 19 [Top 7 Nationwide]
NYP Jam (National Talent Competition) 1 3 [Top 10 Nationwide, Band Category] 10 [Top 10 Nationwide, Band Category]
Xinyao National Songwriting Competition 0 6 [3rd Nationwide] 10 [3rd Nationwide, 2nd Nationwide, Merit Award, Commendation Award, Best Lyrics Overall]
NUS H.O.R King Edward VII ’s The Dream Composition National Songwriting Competition 0 0 15 [1 Grand - finalist, 3 top 10.]
SYF Evolution! National Music Competition 0 0 3 [1 finalist]
Woodlands Ring Secondary 20th Anniversary: So You Think You’ve Got Talent? 0 0 2 groups [both finalists, 3rd Overall]
N5’s Got Talent (N5 Cluster annual Talent Competition) 0 3 groups [1st in Band Category, 3rd Singing Category] 4 groups [2nd in Band Category, 3rd in Singing Category]