Aesthetics, Design & Technology (D&T) and Nutrient & Food Science (NFS) Department

A vibrant arts culture that promotes creativity and critical thinking, as well as arts creation and appreciation.

To develop learning and appreciation for the arts and design through creative thinking, innovative skills and passion for the arts and design, engaging the hearts, hands and heads, to build confidence and bonding among EVGians.

Department Goals:

  • Recognising and catering to individual talents, interests, strengths and aspirations
  • Nurturing thinking individuals: developing creativity and critical thinking as important life skills
  • Connecting students with their community and culture: appreciating Singapore arts and culture
  • Developing self-identity: Creating opportunities for student expression and a deeper understanding of self (fostering confidence and sense of achievement)
  • Fostering positive values (Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Integrity)

School-wide Aesthetics E3 programme
Exposure (engaging interest)
Empowerment (learn and perform)
Expression (heighten appreciation through expression)

Lower & Upper Secondary Integrated Curriculum
Art, Design & Technology, Nutrient & Food Science and Music