Student Leadership in Evergreen

Vision: Dynamic, Thinking and Caring Leaders

Mission: To develop pupil leaders who are role models with a passion to contribute and excel.

Guiding Philosophy: Servant Leadership

The Evergreen Student Leadership Framework:


In Evergreen Secondary School, we believe in developing leadership in all students through our customized student leadership development programme. Student leadership is an integral part of the school’s overall Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) programme. Our leadership approach is aligned with our schoolwide CCE framework in terms of our emphasis on inculcating school values in students. The model which we have adopted that we feel best aligns with our desired outcomes is the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership – known worldwide as the most practical model of leadership development. We aim to develop leadership competencies in all students through a structured programme we have termed ‘Leadership-in-Action (L.I.A.)’.

Leadership In Action approach:

Leadership education in EVG is driven by the LIA approach. In EVG, we believe that Leadership is action, not position. We hope for our student leaders to lead out of a desire to serve others with strong personal convictions about their leadership roles in the school. The L.I.A. programme is supported by “7 Pillars of L.I.A.” and implemented through a cohort-wide development programme and role specific development programme. These 7 pillars are:


1. Talent Identification A differentiated and comprehensive selection process for all pupil leaders
2. Role Perception In depth understanding of the roles of an EVG pupil leader
3. Training The development of pupil leaders through various platforms – workshops, camps and overseas expedition
4. Opportunities to Excel Providing platforms for pupil leaders to shine and

achieve success.

5. Assessment Developmental assessment of pupil leaders for effective feedback and coaching.
6. Recognition Recognising pupil leaders’ achievements and contributions
7. Evaluation Evaluation of programmes and processes

Cohort-wide Development Programme

The pinnacle of the Cohort-wide Development Programme is the Service Learning Programme, during which all Secondary Three students will plan, organize and implement self-initiated projects to serve the community. The Service Learning Programme is one of our key school programmes and it develops our students to be self-directed learners, active contributors, concerned citizens and confident people.

Role-specific Development

With the Role-specific Development Programme, students will take on distinct student leadership responsibilities and perform their roles in various areas.

Level Theme Leadership Outcome
1 Self Leadership Leading oneself through daily actions
2 Peer Leadership Leading peers to achieve common goals
3 Community Leadership Serving community to improve the lives of others.
4 and 5 Developmental Leadership Developing other leaders, Leaving a Legacy

Select groups of student leaders will undergo additional skill-specific development opportunities such as Overseas Service Learning, L.I.A. camps, leadership conferences, competitions and customized training workshops. They will also lead other students in a variety of school-wide activities and programmes, including the Lunar New Year Hamper Wrapping Project for the community, Secondary One Orientation, Teachers’ Day Celebrations, Graduation Day and Prom Night.


Student Leaders leading the school in the annual Teachers’ Day celebrations.
Student Leaders leading the school in the annual Teachers’ Day celebrations.
Student Leaders sharing best practices with fellow student leaders from Temasek and Anderson Secondary.
Student Leaders sharing best practices with fellow student leaders from Temasek and Anderson Secondary.
Student Leaders at the annual Family Day 2018
Student Leaders at the annual Family Day 2018