Cyber Wellness @ EVG


All EVGians are to show respect for self and others and to practice safe and responsible use of the Internet.


Cyber Wellness Acceptable Use Policies (AUP):

1. Respect yourself and others when online. Demonstrate mutual respect and Internet etiquette (netiquette) in communication by using appropriate language.
2. Integrity in safeguarding your user account. Do not share your user account or use the account of others. Log off immediately when you are not using your user account.
3. Cite references. Respect the work of others. Do not copy and paste their work.
4. Evaluate consequences of your decision/behaviour while online and make safe and responsible choices to protect yourself and the community.


Consequences of Non-Compliance:

Failure to adhere to the policy and guidelines above may result in the suspension or termination of your user account.

In serious cases, you may also face disciplinary action in school and/or prosecution in the court of law if you use your user account for illegal purposes.

How is Cyber Wellness infused in Evergreen?

  1. Formal Curriculum
  • IP Areas – English and Mother Tongue Lessons
  • Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) Lessons
  1. Informal Curriculum
  • Assembly Programmes
  • Cyber Wellness Week
  • Values-In-Action programs
  • Activities led by Digital Citizenship Ambassadors (DCAs)
  • Promoting key national events such as Safer Internet Day
cyberwellness approach

Tips on Cyber Wellness

  • Learn to protect yourself by using strong passwords which must be kept confidential.
  • Be careful with whom you are chatting with or befriending online, people you are not seeing in person.
  • Learn to be careful at all times by not revealing personal information online or sharing them on social media.
  • Show respect by not posting hurtful remarks about others or adding on to such comments by others.
  • Seek help from parents, teachers or school counsellor if you have been hurt or bullied by others online.
  • Balance your time well by not spending more than 1 – 2 hours per day on social media or the Internet or online games.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle by having other hobbies like reading, sports activities or aesthetic activities like singing and dancing.
  • Be careful not to surf inappropriate sites.
  • Be wise not to participate in illegal online activities.
  • Be mindful about Intellectual Property rules by not using or downloading copyrighted materials without permission.

Cyber Wellness Activities & Achievements

2018 Digital Citizenship Ambassadors in Action

digital ambassadors
digital ambassadors_2

It takes courage to lead your peers in a 1-hour classroom lesson and activity, to influence them positively on Cyber Wellness issues. Our Secondary 1, 2 and 3 Digital Citizenship Ambassadors (DCAs) did it for the first time this year. Good job, DCAs!

2018 Cyberwellness Carnival @ EVG


Large colourful banners to raise awareness on our Digital Footprints to kickstart our Cyber Wellness week in Semester 2 Week 1. We concluded our week with a written article on Fake News and Assembly Talk from MeToYou.

2017 Media Literacy Badges

  • Tee Jing Xin
  • Clarence Lim Si Ying
  • Md Fauzan B Md Fauzy
  • Ranga Prakash Kiritin Chander
  • Derrick Poh Jun Wei
  • Liyana Qistina Bte Helmy

2017 Cyber Wellness Carnival @ EVG

Together with the educational booths and talks in line with the Cyber Wellness Week, this year’s Cyber Wellness Carnival was held on 28th - 29th June 2017 with the newest addition to our Team, our vigilant mascot, Cyber Tiger!

The Cyber Tiger was proudly designed by Tay Swee Ling (4 Integrity, 2017).


2016 Cyber Wellness Carnival @ EVG

The Cyber Wellness Carnival held on 18th and 19th May 2016 in Evergreen Secondary School brought together 15 exciting and informative booths touching on various topics such as Cyberbullying, appropriate use of Social Media Platforms, PDPA, Gaming Addiction (by MeToYou), Online Scams (by Singapore Police Force), Netiquettes, etc.

Thank you for your support to make this possible. For pictures taken at our Carnival, do follow us on our Facebook Page ( too.

2016 carnival

2016 Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Programme (CWSAP) @ Cedar Girls’ Secondary School

On 6th April 2016, Evergreen Secondary School was also specially mentioned by the Director in her opening speech at the CWSAP award presentation ceremony, recognising and appreciating the efforts of the Student Ambassador and school community in promoting healthier and safer use of social media platforms.

2016 cwsap2
2016 cwsap1

Cyber Wellness Updates

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