CCE Framework

cce framework

EVG’s Character and Citizenship Education;

The Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is aimed at developing EVGians into thinking and caring citizens. With the rich history of the school’s values education imbued in National Education (NE), the school sets out initiatives and programmes aimed at engaging the hearts and minds of the students.

3 main guiding principles help frame the approaches in CCE:

1) Balanced
CCE allows for students with various identities and needs to work collegially in a common space. The balance in respecting diversities while working together allows the students to be developed in the schools values and contribute back to the society as caring leaders.

2) Holistic
CCE places emphasis on the learning outcomes of the students in the cognitive, affective and behavioural domains.

3) Developmental
EVG pitches its CCE efforts according to the stage of development in students’ maturity, thinking, feelings, experience and knowledge.

Supported by the 6 strategic approaches in the CCE framework and with the guidance of all teachers as PRIMED Character Coaches, the school ensures all EVGians demonstrate good character in and out of school and are able to responsibly overcome ethical challenges in life.