Red Cross Youth

Our Youth Officers
Ms. Mavishna Sooben
Ms. Qurnyaningsy Ahmad Mokhtar
Ms Koh Yan Ling
Mr Afif Mansoor Muhammad

Our Volunteer Instructors

Fariza Juffri (Overall IC)
James Lee
Kikilia Chan
Veneise Toh
Marcus Chee
Lee Min Jie (Mentor)

Organisation Structures

Org chart

To instil the Red Cross Youth spirit and strengthen the core values of compassion, passion and professionalism in all members

To groom adaptable, resilient and confident young persons with a strong sense of civic responsibility

Humanity In Our Hands

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About us
Our core belief is that each one of us can make a difference in the world by serving humanity. Our cadets join us with that belief. Hence, EVG Red Cross Youth (RCY) is here to give them the skills and confidence to do just that.

Throughout their journey as a member of the RCY, the cadets will not only learn but put into practise leadership skills, disaster management skills, essential lifesaving skills, blood donation knowledge. They are involved in local community service and overseas humanitarian projects as well.

Helping anyone in need comes naturally to our cadets. An EVG RCY member stands out among the crowd with their strong sense of duty and leadership skills.

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Grooming our Cadet Leaders – Leadership Pathway

Secondary 1 Secondary 2 Secondary 3 Secondary 4/5
Learn all core subject and obtain a Bronze badge for each subject. Obtain a Silver badge for all subjects Obtain a Gold badge for all subjects by attending Gold Modular workshops organised by RC HQ Groom their Secondary 3 juniors to take up their new roles
Obtain a Basic First Aid Certification and carry out First Aid duties during school event Go through Bronze level of Youth Leadership and learn to identify their own strengths and work as a team Go through Silver level of the Youth Leadership and learn to identify the strengths of their batch mates and together create a caring environment for their juniors to learn and grow Go through Gold Level of the Youth Leadership and learn to be leaders in their communities
Participate in all VIA programmes such as visiting the Red Cross Home for the Disabled Participate in First Aid duties, taking on role of group ICs Take up the role of Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) and lead the unit. Roles are allocated based on strengths and interests. Attend Flare Conference
Participate in all VIA activities and take up role Group ICs Plan and execute First Aid and VIA programmes. Participate in Overseas Service Learning project.
Participate in various competitions such as National First Aid, Ambassadors of Blood Donation and Disaster Management Championships Participate in various competitions such as National First Aid and Trailblazer Championships
Selected cadets will go for the Unit Specialist Programme organised by RC HQ to specialise in different subjects which they will be teaching their juniors

(overnight camp involved)

All cadets will attend school-based OURS Leadership camp and Unit Leaders will attend the Warrant Officer Programme organised by RC HQ
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Unit Excellent Award -
First Aid - Junior Category  Gold
First Aid - Senior Category  Gold
 Trailblazer Championship Finalist / Bronze
Ambassador Blood Donation Competition Certificate of Participation with grade ‘Good’
Disaster Management Championship Bronze
Unit Excellent Award Gold
First Aid - Junior Category  Silver
First Aid - Senior Category  Bronze
 Trailblazer Championship Finalist / Certificate of Participation
Ambassador Blood Donation Competition Finalist / Medal of Merit
Disaster Management Championship Certificate of Participation

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EVG RCY Instagram page:
Red Cross Youth page: http://www.rcyouth.com

Join us and be part of the Red Cross family. Humanity is in your hands.

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