Athletics / Cross Country


Never give up, get back on track!

CCA description
Cross Country is one sport in Evergreen Secondary School that has grown from strength to strength. In just 2 years, we have established ourselves as a credible force to be reckoned with at the national level. The team which started out in 2013 with just 13 members has grown to the present 50-member team which is arguably one of the best in the North Zone.

Team EVG is made up of disciplined members who are passionate about running and filled with a desire to outperform themselves in every aspect of their lives. The team consists of 4 Divisions: B and C, Boys and Girls.

The team’s key fundamental values are Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. Through races, competitions and exchange programmes, our runners constantly reflect on the valuable experiences they have gathered during the race, and pick up learning points. Through training sessions and competitions, our runners have forged close relationships with one another, and have bonded well as a team.

To strengthen teamwork, skills and physical strength, our runners commit to rigorous drills and training sessions to maintain good physical condition for upcoming challenges.

Organisational Structure
Teachers in-charge
Mr Sean Chua – Teacher IC, Head Coach
Ms Yin Xiaohui – Teacher 2IC, Girls Team IC
Mr Mak Geng Yuan – Assistant Coach, C Division Team IC

Student Leaders

Team Captain<br>
Amir Farihin B Yusri
Team Captain
Amir Farihin B Yusri
Arina Bte Mohamed
Arina Bte Mohamed
Team Vice-Captain<br>
Muhammad Azmil B Jamil
Team Vice-Captain
Muhammad Azmil B Jamil
Seah Jun Jie
Seah Jun Jie
Junior Captain<br>
Haney Binte Haron
Junior Captain
Haney Binte Haron
Junior Captain<br>
Darryl Koh
Junior Captain
Darryl Koh
Junior Captain<br>
Muhammad Zubair
Junior Captain
Muhammad Zubair

Running Events participated

  • National Inter-School Cross Country
  • National Inter-School Track and Field
  • Wings Cross Country
  • SAA Cross Country
  • Swift Road Run Relay
  • Evergreen Interschool Road Run
  • New Year Race
  • Swissotel Vertical Marathon
  • ActiveSG Adventure Race @ Sentosa (2017/2018)
  • ActiveSG Ekiden Race @ Bedok Reservoir (2018)
  • Asian School Cross Country @ Hong Kong (2017)
  • Friendly Races with HCI/GY/Cedar (2015/2016)
  • Galaxy CC Amazing Race (2015)
  • Battle of the School Cross Country (2015)
  • One North Run (2016)

Values-In-Action (VIA) Events participated

  • Charity Bazaar (2015-2017)
  • Newspaper collection (2014-2016)
  • NDP walk (2016)
  • Special Olympics Badminton tournament (2016)
  • Flag Day (2017)
  • Legs and Paddles (2017)
  • One Run (2018)

Other Enrichment Programs

  • Excel in Sports & Studies Workshop
  • Outdoor Activities @ RP
  • Cycling @ Coney Island
  • Hiking @ Gardens by the Bay, Macritchie, Bukit Timah, Mount Faber
  • CCA Exchange @ NJC
  • CCA Exchange with EVG Touch Rugby
  • DB experience with HCI Cross Country by HCI Canoe Team

Other Initiatives

  • Weekly Team breakfast
  • Study sessions
  • Parents chat group for weekly/timely updates
  • CCA Exchanges with other EVG Sport Teams (future plans)
  • Training Camps (future plans)
  • Overseas Competitions (future plans)

Typical Training Week

Days Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
AM Team Breakfast Morning Run @ EVG Long Run @ Macritchie
PM Intervals @ Woodlands Stadium

Training Cycle

Training Phase Period Focus
Off Season April - June Strength & Conditioning

Endurance training

Bonding activities

General Preparation July - September Strength & Conditioning

Endurance Training

Speed work

Fun Races

Specific Preparation October - December Strength & Conditioning

Endurance Training

Mental skills

Training Camp

Main Competition January - March Specific race preparation

Selection Trials

Cross Country Races

National Schools Cross Country

Key Achievements
National Inter-School Cross Country Championship

2016 2017 2018
Gabriel Soon (2RSP)
C boys – 17th
Lai Yu Tong (2RSP)
C girls – 7th
Nur Humairah (3CHR)

B girls – 5th

Nur Humairah (1CHR)
C girls - 20th
Nur Humairah (2CHR)
C girls – 3rd
Sonia Koh (4DYN)
B girls – 10th
Reyna Tan (3ETP)
B girls – 11th
Sonia Koh (3DYN)
B girls – 17th
Phua Hui Ying (4ITG)
B girls – 18th
Reyna Tan (4ETP)
B girls – 10th
Lin Hui Qin (4ETP)
A girls – 11th


Division 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
B Boys 53rd 15th 16th 15th 17th 15th
C Boys - 19th 13th 8th 12th 11th
B Girls - 27th 12th 4th 6th 2nd
C Girls - 23rd 6th 5th 8th 16th

EVG Inter-School Road Run Championship

Team 2016 2017 2018
B Boys 2nd 1st and 2nd 1st and 2nd
C Boys 1st 1st and 3rd 1st and 3rd
B Girls 1st 1st and 2nd 1st
C Girls 1st 1st 1st

Team Evergreen in Action

Cross Country10
Cross Country11