EVG Malay Dance Club

Teachers I/C: Ms Izzati, Ms Baizura, Ms Yoe Gek Li

What is the mission and vision for the CCA?
‘Sway to The Rhythm’ is the motto of Sukma Irama EVG Malay Dance Club. Founded in 2004, Sukma Irama provides a platform for dancers to develop their skills in Malay Dance and their confidence in showcasing the different forms of performances to the diverse groups of audiences in school and beyond. Apart from grooming young talents, Sukma Irama EVG Malay Dance Club also aims to instil our dancers with good values and character through our enrichment programmes and Values In Action activities.
Our Achievements

  • SYF 2015 – Certificate of Distinction
  • SYF 2017 – Certificate of Distinction

SYF Performances
Singapore Youth Festival 2015
Entitled Ceria Anak Desa, this SYF 2015 dance depicted the life of a child back in the Kampung days. It showed a traditional lifestyle filled with happy young villagers. This dance portrayed the dancers working together as a team and it expressed their high spirited character throughout. The props depicted how basic chores such as folding, wiping, and sweeping were done in the early days.

Watch our SYF 2015 dance here:

Singapore Youth Festival 2017
Entitled Wau Tik Ke-Tuk, this SYF 2017 dance depicted the life of female villagers dancing together in harmony using the traditional ‘tempurung’ (coconut shell) and the traditional Malay Wau (Kite).

Malay Dance 3
Malay Dance 4

Watch our SYF 2017 dance here:

Public Performances
To develop the students’ potential, our dancers are often given the opportunity to perform at various platforms – from school concerts to community and public performances. These performances aim to increase the students’ confidence and dance abilities. 

Muara Festival 2017

Sembawang (GRC) Passionarts 2018

Enrichment Activities
Apart from performances, our dancers are also given the opportunity to learn through various enrichment activities and learning journeys. In addition, our dancers are also given the opportunity to teach their peers their dance moves.

Dance workshop for Thai students from Tepleela School
Our dancers had the privilege to conduct a dance workshop for the Thai students from Tepleela school. The Thai students were taught the 5 basic dance moves in Malay dance – Inang, Asli, Masri, Joget and Zapin. They also put up a performance which incorporated the 5 basic dance moves.

Learning Journey to Bukit Chandu
Held during the March holidays, the learning journey to Bukit Changdu aimed to give the dancers an appreciation of the sacrifices of our past generations to the nation. It gave the dancers an opportunity to understand the values held by the soldiers in overcoming challenges and obstacles. Visiting Bukit Chandu also provided them an opportunity to feel the “Kampung atmosphere” which allowed them to get into their respective characters when they danced.