Evergreen Secondary School Chinese Orchestra (EVGCO)

Our Teachers-In-Charge

  • Mdm Low Hwee Noi
  • Miss Cassandra Foo
  • Mdm Norhayati
  • Ms Tan Wah Sing
  • Mdm Lee Wei Leng

Our Executive Committee 2018/2019

Chairperson Cleon Lim
Vice-Chairperson Miko Chong and Blanche Chia
Discipline Master Davon Lim
Quarter Master Chye Jia Wen
Kylie Low
Nur Hezlynn Haziqah
Vernell Lim
Welfare Phoenix Tan
Arina Bte Mohamed
Branden Mak
Student conductor Ethan Ee
Juniz Tan

The journey of the Evergreen Chinese Orchestra (EVGCO) began in July 2006. The conductor and many instructors of EVGCO are current members of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, thereby bringing with them invaluable expertise and knowledge to share with our members. Together with the guidance and support of the teachers-in-charge, EVGCO has matured steadily as a musical group over the years, attaining notable recognition at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentations since its inception.

As a multi-racial Performing Arts CCA group, we work in unison to achieve the best for the orchestra. Our training and developmental programmes allow our members to demonstrate the core values of perseverance, team work, positive attitude and caring in all aspects of their participation in the CCA.  With perseverance, members put in dedicated effort in perfecting a score; with teamwork, we are able to weave the various parts of a score into a melodious and harmonious presentation; with a positive mindset, students work hard to excel in their respective musical sections.

On top of the various performances that EVGCO puts up each year, our members also take the Chinese Instrument Grading Examinations at the end of each year. The results of this grading examination are recognised and accepted by academic and fine arts institutions in Singapore and abroad. Committing to this grading examination allows the members to deepen their competency in the instrument as well as in their appreciation for Chinese music. We are pleased to share that all of our members who registered for the grading examination achieved a pass or better in 2017.

Distinction 16
Merit 12
Pass 12

Our Musical Sections

  • Cello
  • Double bass
  • Erhu
  • Flute
  • Ruan
  • Liuqin
  • Percussion
  • Pipa
  • Yangqin

Our Achievements

2013, 2015 & 2017 SYF (Certificate of Distinction)
2009 & 2011 SYF (Gold with Honours)
2007 SYF (Silver)

External Performances

2016 Invited to perform at Istana Open House
2014 Performed at “Our People, Our Music” concert organised by Singapore Chinese Orchestra
2012 Performed at
1.   River Hongbao
2.   North Zone NE Learning Festival 2012
3.   International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology (iCTLT) at Suntec Convention Centre
2011 Performed at World Orchid Conference at Gardens By the Bay

Our Events

CNY Lohei 2018
CNY Lohei 2018
SYF Arts Presentation 2017
SYF Arts Presentation 2017
CNY Lohei 2018
CNY Lohei 2018
SYF Arts Presentation 2017
SYF Arts Presentation 2017
Bonding Day 2017
Bonding Day 2017
Bonding Day 2017
Bonding Day 2017
CCA Open House 2018
CCA Open House 2018
The Big Family of EVGCO
The Big Family of EVGCO

Trainings Days

  • Tuesday (3.30pm – 6pm)
  • Thursday (3.30pm – 6pm)