Prefectorial Board

Prefectorial Board: Mr Anantharaja Krishnan Samy, Ms Lau Kai Li and Ms Yin Xiaohui

CCA EXCO: Ms Clarissa Ng,  Mr Wilfred Teo and Mr John Cheong


Vision:  Dynamic, Thinking and Caring Leaders
Mission: To develop pupil leaders who are role models with a passion to contribute and excel.
Guiding Philosophy: Service through Leadership
Guiding Principles:

  • Talent Identification
    • A differentiated and comprehensive selection process for all student leaders
  • Role Perception
    • In depth understanding of the roles of an EVG pupil leader
  • Training
    • The development of student leaders through various platforms – workshops, camps and overseas expedition
  • Opportunities to Excel
    • Providing platforms for student leaders to shine and achieve success.


From planning and running school-wide events to assisting the school in its day-to-day activities, the prefectorial board takes great pride and responsibility in doing all these well. Formed when the school was in still in its infant years, the board and its members have increasingly taken on greater roles and tasks.

The first few years saw prefects fulfilling duties in supervising students’ movement and discipline. Classroom orderliness and good student behaviour were expected of all the students in the school and the prefects were there to help ensure that these were adhered to. Prefects were also often deployed to assist the school as ushers for guests.
Over the years, the roles and responsibilities of the prefects have expanded, in line with the school’s move to develop and stretch student leaders.

An executive committee is formed from the top student leaders in Secondary 3 to lead the prefectorial board in organising and executing events. Instead of just being ushers, prefects now need to know how to plan, organise, delegate and assume the various roles and responsibilities associated with an event. School-based events such as Secondary One Orientation, Primary Six School Visits and Graduation Day are just a few of the events that greatly involve the prefectorial board.

In addition, prefects are given formal leadership developmental training from external agencies such as Halogen, Achievers and Acorn Training to hone their leadership potential and ability, on top of the constant guidance received from their seniors and teachers.

To date, the prefects are 60-strong and come from very diverse backgrounds and interests. It is in this various mix that the school hopes to develop future leaders for the community.

Prefects Executive Committees of 2020/2021


Name  Position 
Zinc Lim Jing Head Prefect
Aldrick Au Vice-Head Prefect
Ng Zhao Xian Admin Head
Muhammad Aniq Admin Head
Muhd Nabil Bi Luqman Discipline Head
Joseph Lee Jie En Discipline Head
Sonia Ong Si En REACH
Joben Tan Chin Kiat REACH
Jessenia Binte Irwan Welfare Head
Evangelia Quek Ying Ting Welfare Head
Syarif Muhaimin Citizenship Head
Lim Ting Xuan Citizenship Head
Joel Ngoh Kun Yi Service Learning Head
Yong Yoke Peng Service Learning Head


The board also comprises the Secondary 3 Senior Prefect Mentors and the Secondary 2 Junior Prefects.

CCA Executive Committees of 2020/2021


Name  Position 
Jerrell Keh Head of CCA EXCO
Adam Shahbal Tan Qin Vice-Head of CCA EXCO
Siti Hajar Admin Head
Teo Yan Ling Nicole Admin Head
Lutfil Hadi Welfare Head
Koh Chun Kiat Welfare Head
Qistina Insyirah Binte Tukiran Head of Performing Arts
Sheryl Yim Head of Performing Arts
Nur Alysha Binte Mohamed Noh Head of Uniformed Groups
Zhang Mengrong Head of Uniformed Groups
Musfirah Binte Mustafa Head of Clubs and Societies
Naomi Ng Head of Clubs and Societies
Sylvia Tan Head of Sports and Games
Izzah Fatihah Bte Md Shifulnazri Head of Sports and Games


Sec 1 Orientation Programme and Campfire
Lunar New Year Hamper Wrapping
Honours Day
Student Leaders’ Investiture
Leadership-In-Action Camp
Teachers' Day Celebrations
Graduation Day
Prom Night
Prefects' Family Day
EVG Potpourri 2019 

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Prefectorial Board 2
Prefectorial Board 3
Prefectorial Board 4