Photography Club

Mr Amirul B Noor Rahman (I/C)
Ms Nor Zamzarina (2nd I/C)

To develop our photography skills, pursue the craft and explore our imagination.

Through the lens, photographers capture and appreciate the beauty of a moment.

Organisational Structure:
President – Nu’man Akif B Suwandi
Vice President – Thong Tze Ling
Secretary – Amberyl Wee Hiang Teng
Logistics IC – Nurafifah Bte Jasmani, Wong Jing Kai, Brian

The Evergreen Secondary School Photography Club was formed to provide a platform for both students and teachers of the school possessing a wide range of experience and interest to come together in developing photography skills in a myriad of ways. With the over-arching vision of being a student-centric Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), the Photography Club is always on the lookout to give new opportunities for students to develop themselves holistically, especially in the areas of leadership and character.

The members of the Photography Club aim to gain and apply their photography skills in the pursuit of the art of photography. They will be committed in their contribution to the school by taking photos during school events such as Chinese New Year Concert, Road Run, Honours Day and National Day Parade & Concert. Together, the members will work as a team as well as hone their leadership skills. Every photographer will also build their confidence so as to overcome challenges with a positive attitude.

Photography Club’s Achievements
Montage 2016 Photography Competition (Anna Ong, Top 20 best photographs, Youth Category)
Canon Photomarathon 2015 (Leck Yong Chee, 1st Prize, Student Category: Defy Your Imagination)
Facets of SG 2014 (Lim Hwee Xin, Lee Qi En, Top 50 Entries)

Competitions that our members have participated in:
Our Schools, Our Stories 2018
Singapore Young Photographer Award 2018
Canon Photomarathon 2018

Basic Photography Workshop for Lower Sec Members
The Lower Sec members attended a 10 session workshop on Basic Photography where they learnt about photography’s progression as an artistic medium, picked up technical skills that would help them to create the pictures that they want using a DSLR camera, and edited photos using photo editing software. In one of the sessions, the students were brought to Chinatown for an outdoor photo session where they were able to apply the skills that they had learnt. The students were given the task to capture a series of images that would help them tell a story about Chinatown.

photography 5
photography 3
photography 4
photography 2

Canon Photomarathon 2018
On 28th July, a group of EVG Photographers took up the challenge and participated in the student category of the annual Canon Photomarathon held at Suntec City Convention Hall. The Canon Photomarathon is a single-day photography competition where participants are given Competition Themes to capture. The themes are only unveiled on the event day at specific timings. Participants then have three hours to submit one picture per theme for the competition. Entries are based on the following criteria: relevance to theme and creative interpretation of theme. The themes for this year’s challenges were SOLITUDE, SIMPLICITY and GLOW. The competition provided good exposure for the members as it gave our photographers the opportunity to put their photography skills and creativity to the test.

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