Infocomm Club

Through short stories and productions, to develop creative thinking skills and expand our IT knowledge and skills.

To think critically, communicate effectively and acquire ICT skills beyond classrooms.

How does the CCA develop its students and talents? How does the CCA develop its leaders?
Students are challenged to produce storyboards and express their ideas through animated short stories and videos. Students will acquire IT skills beyond their classrooms which could be useful for the working society. Students of the Infocomm Club will be given opportunities to hone important life skills such as critical thinking skills, effective communication skills, and leadership development through numerous hands-on activities, enrichment trainings, competitions and involvement in events videography for the school.

What are the CCA’s community outreach programmes? 
Every year, students of the Infocomm Club play an important role in influencing their peers to be digitally-responsible citizens. They contribute by setting up booths at the annual Cyberwellness Carnival.

What are the CCA’s key leadership/ milestone courses, pinnacle awards/achievements, events and competitions?
Every student in this club is encouraged to participate in the annual NEmation competition, School Digital Media Awards competition and related story productions.

N.E.mation Season 11 (2017)
Best Social Media Award

What would be the most defining experience for a student in your CCA? 
The students of Infocomm Club will contribute to the school through providing video documentation of school events such as the Chinese New Year Concert, Road Run, Honours Day and National Day Parade and Concert. Every student-videographer will also build on their communication skills as they work effectively in camera crew teams so as to overcome challenges with a positive attitude. At the end of the years of training in the club, students are expected to have a rich portfolio to showcase their creativity with confidence.