English Literary Drama and Debate Society

Teachers in Charge:
Mrs Mona Seah, Mr Wilfred Teo, Ms Hanna Maryam and Ms Aswathy Chandrasekhar

Organisational Structure:
Chairman: Nur Kaisah Bte Abdul Kadir 3RSP
Vice-Chairman: Phyllis Heng 3CMT
Head of Drama Division: Yunn Su Lei 3ITG
Head of Debate Division: Tracy Goh 3RSP
Head of E-Journalism Division: Charlene Long 3ETP


Confident and eloquent communicators that strive towards literary and cultural excellence.

The English Literary Drama and Debate Society (ELDDS) is one of the most colourful and dynamic co-curricular activities in the school. Armed with the vision to develop young students in becoming confident, poised and eloquent communicators that enjoy, appreciate and strive towards literary and cultural excellence, students undergo an extensive programme curated for three robust divisions; the Drama, Debate and E-journalism Divisions. Each of these divisions serves to allow students to nurture and exercise their creative, intellectual and oratorical capacities.


Since its inception, the Debate Division has been active in fostering a dynamic debating culture in school. It aims to improve debaters’ general knowledge and sharpen their critical thinking skills. As such, opportunities for its members to represent the school in inter-school debating and oratorical competitions are numerous. One such regular nation-wide debate tournaments is the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships in which the students have stellar achievements like Semi-Finalists in 2014 and 2015, Quarter-Finalists in 2016 and Semi-Finalists in 2018. Besides nurturing school debaters to be confident and articulate individuals, the aim in promoting a debating culture in the North Cluster has led to the inception of Evergreen Debate Invitational in 2017. This inter-school tournament aims to provide an enriching and fulfilling opportunity for novice debaters to debate thought-provoking motions with their peers. The tournament was well-received by the participants and left its mark in the debating circuit. The school debating team has indeed proved to be a source of pride to Evergreen Secondary, making its mark as a rising force in the secondary school debating circle.



The Drama Division aims to inculcate in our students a deep love for the dramatic arts through creative, witty, and impactful performances. We train our students to be comfortable in a variety of public speaking and public performance engagements. Drama members participate in a wide spectrum of school-based performances such as our Chinese New Year Celebrations and National Day Celebrations. Our members also participate in the prestigious Odyssey of the Mind (Singapore), an annual creative problem-solving competition at Anglo Chinese School (Independent) where our members go up against schools like School Of The Arts and Raffles Girls Secondary School. In 2017, our Upper Secondary Team obtained 4th position nationally in their competition category. In 2018, our Lower Secondary Team and Upper Secondary Team obtained 2nd position and 4th position nationally in their respective competition category. Through these activities, members learn and sharpen their dramatic skills as well as deepen their creative processes – skills which are essential for their future aspirations in the 21st century.



Organisational structure:
Chief Editor: Charlene Long 3 ETP
Senior Editor: Ng Qi Ting 3 ITG
Senior Videographer: Darius Peh 2 RSP
Senior News Reporter: Jolene Chew 2 CMT

The ELDDS E-journalism division, known as EVG Vibes in Evergreen, aims to groom student reporters to be excellent writers and drivers of content. The team comprises of student journalists who enjoy producing articles about current events ranging from competitions to the latest activities and programmes in Evergreen. In addition to reporting about events, members write about free topics and create comics. Student journalists do their own research by interviewing people and gathering information online and from print media.

The team is given opportunities to participate in National competitions such as The Media Challenge organised by Republic Polytechnic and All in! Young Writer’s Festival organised by The Book Council, SG. Students get to develop article-writing skills such as understanding newsworthiness and having an eye for detail, and these skills also represent Evergreen as a dynamic and an ever-aspiring institution. Articles produced by students are published as termly newsletters published on the school website and as blog articles on http://evgeldds.wixsite.com/evgvibes.

2018 Achievements
EVG Vibes won the Most Avid Team Award at The Media Challenge 2018, organised by Republic Polytechnic. The award recognises the great display of teamwork and enthusiasm shown by our students in putting together a news package for a social cause.

The team consisted of (from left to right):
Darius Peh 2 RSP
Charlene Long 3 ETP
Ng Qi Ting 3 ITG
Jolene Chew 2 CMT

EVG Vibes was also involved in doing publicity and marketing work for the EVG Debate Invitationals 2018, which saw eight schools from all over Singapore pitting their debating skills against each other.


2017 achievements
The team participated in The Media Challenge 2017 and learnt a lot about journalistic skills from industry professionals and lecturers from Republic Polytechnic.