AVA Club

Teachers I/C
Mr Tan Kim Kia
Mr Raymond Tan
Organisational structure
President: Darius Foo 4 Character
Vice-President: Hooi Ming Hin 2 Respect
Senior Mentors: Sampson Lee 4 Character
Ivan Looi 4 Character

The AVA Club is a very important set-up in most schools and Evergreen is no exception. The crew serves the school in many areas, ranging from the smooth running of the morning assemblies to playing a pivotal role in ensuring the success of every concert and programme that require the support of audio visual aid. Where there are lights and sound, the AVA crew will be there. With the recent upgrade of our system, we are capable of holding open air concerts at the parade square, if there is a need.

The AVA Club inculcates in its members important values and traits like staying cool under pressure, teamwork, problem-solving and good communication skills. More than that, the crew members grow from strangers to close friends who will support and help one another along. Worried about not having prior experience? Fret not. The AVA Club opens its doors to everyone – whether you are a veteran or one who can’t tell one wire from another – training will be provided and before you know it, you will be the key to a successful performance.

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