DSA Exercise 2020

UPDATE: Dear Primary 6 students and parents, please see the document attached for updated information on the 2020 DSA Exercise. Thank you. EVG_DSA_Information for Website 2020 (1)

Term 1 Parents’ Letters

Dear parents, please refer to the attached parents’ letters for the respective levels. Term 1 – Sec1_Registration_LettertoParents_2020 Sec2_LettertoParents_T12020 Sec3_2020_T1_Final Sec4and5_2020_T1_Final  

Parents’ Letters for Term 4

Dear parents, Please see attached for the Term 4 Parents’ Letters for the respective levels. Thank you. Letter to parents_Sec4E5N_T4_2019 Letter to parents_Sec4N_T4_2019 Letter to parents_Sec1_T4_2019 Letter to parents_Sec2_T4_2019 Letter to parents_Sec3_T4_2019