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Principal's Message 2017

Carol Lim.jpgWelcome to the Evergreen Secondary School website!

Evergreen Secondary School is a school that every EVGian student is proud of. There is a clear dedication of wanting to see all our students achieve their fullest potential, imbued with the values and competencies to succeed in life and make meaningful contributions to the community. Indeed, we want to nurture each EVGian to be a Caring Leader and a Thinking Citizen. I encourage you to explore the website and discover how we create rich opportunities for our students to acquire a deeper understanding of their strengths and grow wider perspectives about our complex but wonderful world.

Through the variety of learning experiences, the interesting co-curricular programmes and the rigour of the academic curriculum, EVGians find fulfilling ways to develop their interests and talents. There are exciting innovations in the academic programmes and EVGians have steadily done us very proud through their remarkable achievements in the national examinations. The staff continue to learn and develop interesting ways to involve students on an adventure of learning and nurture EVGians who will thrive in the future. Every EVGian is actively engaged in a CCA as this is the main platform to build character and people skills, forge friendships and make fond school memories. As an important character-shaping programme, our students realise quickly that the confidence and skills picked up in their CCA are assets that help them to find success in other aspects of life including their studies. No doubt you will appreciate our genuine interest in preparing our students for life through our distinctive school programmes too. for And so I hope that you will appreciate the achievements of the students, alumni and the staff not just in the precious awards and accolades they have garnered, but also appreciate the collective effort they have forged to create new learning and memories in both academic and non-academic areas.

School Theme for 2017 - Creativity

In 2017, we want to focus on living the year in a conscious effort to nurture our ability to see creatively and think inventively. Through such endeavours, we find joy in what we do because we want to do it better and take pride that we are contributing positively to the community we live in. The famed genius, Albert Einstein said that creativity is “intelligence having fun”. Indeed, creativity gives life to inspiration and makes dreams real. Let’s see how we have the courage to be creative!

At Evergreen Secondary School, we are committed to helping every student nurture their potential and to build strong character and skills to take advantage of life’s opportunities. The world is rapidly changing at a pace previously unimagined. To be future ready and enjoy a happier, better quality of life experiences, we must fiercely cherish our youthful imagination and original thoughts. Indeed, this changing world contains many second chances. We hope our students learn to see possibilities in failures and disappointments. How we bounce back from mistakes and roadblocks is a test of our capacity to reframe our thinking creatively so that we can take active control of the situation. It is not what others think that counts. We must dare to work outside our comfort areas. When we step into the unfamiliar and conquer our fear, we quickly realise there was nothing to fear in the first place but fear itself. It takes courage to be creative.

In this way, we are hopeful that the 2017 School Theme of Creativity empowers all of us to transform our lives and our community in many positive and exciting ways. I am confident our EVGians have the right stuff to live up to our motto to ‘Aspire and Achieve’. If we can dream it, we can make it happen. I wish everyone a most rewarding adventure of learning in 2017!

Mrs Carol Lim Principal, Evergreen Secondary School