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EVG House System

Our Houses named after our Founding Fathers


The school runs a House System to bring the school population together outside the rigid confines of class identity.  By belonging to a House, students learn, play and bond with seniors and juniors across all academic streams.  

The Movers and Shakers Gallery showcases prominently the stories of 10 of Singapore's founding fathers and their dreams, visions, and achievements. They are also featured with refreshing emphasis on the outstanding character traits that distinguish their leadership. From these ten founding fathers, six of them have been selected to lend their names of our Houses. The thinking behind the selection process is based on the characteristics of each founding father and also to reflect the multi-racialism and multiculturalism of Singapore. By bringing out the unique characteristics of each founding father, we hope that our EVGians will be inspired to strive for their best in both their studies and co-curricular activities.  

The six Houses, in alphabetical order, are named after 
    • Mr David Marshall for his relentless pursuit of excellence.
    • Mr Eddie Barker for his resoluteness and meticulousness.
    • Mr Goh Keng Swee for his great vision and foresight.
    • Mr Lim Kim San for his resilience and determination.
    • Mr Othman Wok for his knowledge, inspiration and high-flying imagination. 
    • Mr S. Rajaratnam for his leadership and courage.
Each House has a colour it is associated with.  Thus, students wear PE tee-shirts that carry the name and colour of their House affiliation.  The teachers also belong to a House, grouped according to their instructional departments.  

House Name

Department Champion


David Marshall



Eddie Barker



Goh Keng Swee

English Language


Lim Kim San



Othman Wok

Mother Tongue Languages





The House System features twice a year during school sporting activities.  In semester 1, the highlight House System event is the EVG Road Run.  In semester 2, it is the post-examination Sports Carnival.

EVG Road Run


Sports Carnival