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School Information

Academic Excellence

    1. We learn well academically & fulfil our academic potential

      Character & Physical Development

    2. We learn to be Good, Thinking & Caring Citizens
    3. We learn to be self-disciplined
    4. We learn to be physically & mentally healthy

      Future-Ready Skills & Habits:

    5. We learn to be good at leading ourselves & others
    6. We learn to communicate confidently in standard English & MT, and through the use of ICT.
    7. We learn to work effectively with others.
    8. We learn to be willing & skilful lifelong learners.
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School Beliefs

  • Everyone wants to learn and can learn.
  • Education is about the holistic development of our students.
  • Students learn best in a disciplined and caring school environment.
  • We work, learn and innovate together as a team.
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