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Honours Day 10 Year Anniversary

Our student, Oleh Nur Ardillah Bte Zulkifli from 3 Aspire wrote a report on our 10 Year Anniversary in Malay Language.

10th Anniversary Concert ‘Metamorphosis’


On the 4th of February, our school held their 10th anniversary performance, ‘Metamorphosis’ at The Republic Polytechnic Cultural Centre. Among the many VIPs, we were honoured to have Dr Lim Wee Kiak, our Guest-of-Honour, Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC, Mr Raymond Wong, the School Advisory Committee (SAC) Chairman, and Mr Tony Tan, the N5 Superintendent to grace the occasion. On that day, we, the student reporters from Creative Circle, arrived at the VIP Holding Room to receive the VIPs and have the opportunity to interview them.  

00186.jpgWhat are your impressions of EVG's Metamorphosis Concert?“I find it very refreshing and interesting to see the life of an Evergreen Secondary School student showcased through a play.”
-Dr Lim Wee Kiak (PBM), Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC.

"A worthy 10th year celebration after 10 years of hard work by students."
-Mr Raymond Wong, SAC Chairperson.

"It has been most impresssive as I can see a high level of confidence in the students. In fact, I could really feel the thunderous roar of the school spirit."
-Mr Tony Tan, Superintendent  of North 5 (Schools Division), MOE.

“The students displayed commitment and a high-standard of professionalism."
-Mr Johnny Ang, Vice-Principal of Evergreen Secondary School.

“It was a good performance and it shows the hard work and effort spent.”
-Mr Albert Teo, Ambassador of the Youth Olympic Games
00057.jpgWhat are your thoughts on such public performances opportunities for students?
“It is a good platform to forge friendships as well as good discipline.”
-Dr Lim Wee Kiak (PBM), Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC.

"It is great that students have an opportunity to showcase their talents to the committee."
-Mr Raymond Wong, SAC Chairperson.

"I hope that through performances like this, the students of Evergreen Secondary will not just leave with good grades but also with the skills needed to succeed in life."What are your hopes for Evergreen Secondary School in the coming years?
-Mr Raymond Wong, SAC Chairperson.

"I'm sure one day the students will make the school very proud."
-Mr Tony Tan, Superintendent of North 5 (Schools Division), MOE.

"From what I know, Evergreen already has left a very good impression in the North Zone, I'm sure this will continue to be the case. "
- Mr Johnny Ang, Vice-Principal of Evergreen Secondary School.

How do you feel after watching this performance?

"10 years has gone by. I think the students are very good, even from the past to the present."
-Mrs Mary Koh, Founding Principal of Evergreen Secondary School.

After watching the entire concert, may I ask if you have any encouraging words for our aspiring EVGians?
"I am very proud of all the EVGians, and may there be many more good years to come."
-Mrs Mary Koh, Founding Principal of Evergreen Secondary School.
Apart from interviewing the VIPs present, we also got to speak to the key figures who were responsible for organising and planning the concert. Hence, we sought out the Producer and Assistant Producer of ‘Metamorphosis’ and asked for their feelings on the overwhelming success of the concert.

After watching the entire concert, may I ask if you have any encouraging words for our aspiring EVGians?
"Of course, I hope that the students will continue to work hard for the skills needed for themselves when they leave the school for the adult world. "
-Mr Gavin Goh, Assistant Producer.

"We should always strive to achieve higher. Who knows, one day we might even take our performances to the Esplanade!"
-Mr Shahril, Producer.

Being the Assistant Producer of the Metamorphosis Concert, how do you feel in seeing your efforts pay off in the wake of its success?
"Even though I had helped out, the effort is not my own. It is through the coorperation between many teachers and staff, and the students have also put in an effort to make all of these possible."
-Mr Gavin Goh, Assistant Producer.

Our student reporters also mingled with the audience and performers to find out how they felt towards the concert.

How do you feel attending the first public performance of EVG?
I am excited even though it’s a school-organized concert. There are many performances in store and I am very eager to watch them. 
Amirah Khan, 4 Commitment

This is the first time I have attended such an event. Since this is my final year in Evergreen, I am determined to attend the concert. 
Justin Yong, 4 Commitment.

I feel happy as it is a milestone for the school. It’s great that we have this concert to celebrate the 10th anniversary. However, I regret not having the opportunity to perform because I have graduated.
Stella Cheung, Ex-student

Which is the performance that you are most looking forward to?
I’m most looking forward to Mrs. Tan and Siti’s duet because Mrs. Tan seems like a fierce person in school, so it is quite unexpected that we would get to see her sing. 
Ng Qiu Mei, 3 Dynamic

In particular, I look forward to the performance between Mrs. Tan and Siti because it’s not everyday that we get to hear our own EVGians singing with our discipline teachers.
Amirah Khan, 4 Commitment

I am actually looking forward to the flag team’s performance as I have seen how hard and long they have been training.
Shu Shao Qiang, 4 Aspire

What do you think of EVG’s choice in choosing RP as a venue for the concert?

I feel that the choice of venue was convenient as it’s located near our houses, hence, there is no need to waste money on transport.
Amirah Khan, 4 Commitment

I also thought that the choice of Republic Poly was good as the concert hall is air conditioned, creating a more comfortable environment for audience to enjoy the performances. 
Muhd. Haziq B. Jamil, 2 Integrity.

Since Republic Poly has all the facilities in holding such an event, I feel that it is a suitable choice.
Shu Shao Qiang, 4 Aspire

How do you feel being able to take part in the EVG 10th year anniversary concert?

I feel honoured to be able to have the chance to perform for the school’s 10th year anniversary. Since it’s my last year in Evergreen, I want to take part in some activities that contribute to the school.
An Xue Qi, from Chinese Dance

We are honoured because it’s our last year in EVG and after this, we might have to wait another 10 years for the next anniversary celebration.
Sheryl Gwee & Jacqueline Koh from Chinese Dance

This is the first time I have performed for a school event and I feel honoured. At least I can contribute something to the school even though I am new in school.
Ms Baizura, teacher

How have you benefited being part of this performing group?

Through the rehearsals, I have learnt the value of teamwork.
Fiona Ng from Chinese Dance

I have learnt that we need to persevere even though it’s difficult, and that sometimes if we want something to be successful, we have to sacrifice lots of things such as sleep and rest.
Haziqah from EVG Winds.

We have learnt to interact with other CCA groups and have became closer as we spent a lot of time working together.
Sheryl Gwee & Jacqueline Koh from Chinese Dance

What are the difficulties that you faced during the preparation?

We have also faced some difficulties during the rehearsals. One of them was learning the dance moves. As I cannot attend every single lesson, I had to struggle to catch up.
An Xue Qi from Chinese Dance

We have also faced quite a few difficulties. One of them was to get everyone to attend the daily practices. We had to ensure that students were coming for the practices. Another difficulty was memorizing the lyrics for the song.
Ms Baizura, teacher

I had difficulties, however, in memorizing the lines and getting the tone right as we have to express clearly how the character is supposed to feel. 
Tabin Tan, Head Prefect of Evergreen Secondary School

What would make your performance a memorable one tonight?

If we manage to do our best, it would make the rehearsals worth it and make the performance all the more memorable.
Fiona Ng From Chinese Dance

To make this night memorable, I hope that everybody would be cooperative so that the audience would feel that it is perfect and they would feel that their efforts have not been wasted.
Ang Xue Qi from Chinese Dance

What are your comments for the EVG 10th anniversary concert?

It was a wonderful event and a visual feast for the eyes. Everything was put together very smoothly.
Jaron Tan from 4 Aspire

The 10th Anniversary was well organized and appreciated by the audience. The hard work of the teachers has paid off very well.
Mohd Ridzuan from 4 Integrity

Which performance was very awe-inspiring and why?

This can be especially seen from the awe-inspiring duet between Mrs. Karen Tan and Siti Nur Afiqah as the song they sang was very motivational and it shows that there are many hidden talents in our school. 
Mohd Ridzuan, 4 Integrity

I found the OM’s performance AMAZING. The performing arts performances were also quite impressive.
Mohd Shakir Bin Mohd Anuar, 4 Respect

How has this concert changed your perspective on the students or teachers of EVG?

It has taught us values such as the importance of taking care of our old folks.
Jaron Tan, 4 Aspire

The concert has also made me respect my teachers even more because this is my last year in Evergreen Secondary School.
Mohd Ridzuan, 4 Integrity

How did you know about the 10th Anniversary Concert?

I heard about this event through my daughter.
Mdm Jambudin, Parent

Which performance did you enjoy most?

I like pretty much all the performances.
Mdm Jambudin, Parent
Interviews by William, Risa, Ardillah, Hann shen, Nisa and Farahin