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Overseas Learning Journeys

Evergreen Secondary School Overseas Learning Journey (OLJ) Programme strives to provide opportunities for our students to extend their learning beyond their classrooms.
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Write up 1.jpgWrite up 2.jpg Our OLJ programme aims to develop self-management, social awareness and interpersonal skills amongst our students. By creating these experiences we strive to inculcate the values of respect, commitment, responsibility and care through their interaction with fellow students and with their hosts. Our students will be able to understand and appreciate our Asian history and culture. Thus, they will in turn learn to appreciate Singapore by reflecting on the similarities and differences between Singapore and country of visit.

Sec 3 Cultural Overseas Learning Journey Hanoi, Vietnam 29 May  – 01 Jun 2016

 June 9, 2016
7.6 million people and 4 million motorbikes” .. Mr Billy laughed and said this as we curiously watched the graffiti on the roadside-walls, there are locals outside almost every building chit chatting and having drinks, quaint buildings (mostly double-storeyed) and busy roads at Hanoi. I was with a group of 53 students and 8 teachers from my school. As part of the enrichment programme for secondary three students, we  travelled to Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city on 29 May 2016.
Soon after the check-in at Flower Garden Hotel, we set off to visit the Old Quarter Hanoi. The old-styled narrow streets full of antique brick houses bore the energetic life of locals who gathered to sell their products. Sparkling silver products to simple and beautiful paper products were displayed. As shops at Old Quarter Hanoi catered mainly towards tourists, it was not difficult for us to find varieties of souvenirs.
We continued to Bat Trang, a seven-century old ceramic village in Hanoi. We were tasked to create something from a lump of clay that was provided. The instructor was skilled and was able to create various shapes from clay. It was a fun experience as all of us got a chance to literally get our hands dirty and make a ceramic product on our own. …….(reflections)

Xi'An - Evergreen Cultural Exchange Programme 2016

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西安文化浸濡之旅 (5月22日-5月28日)
Overseas Learning Journey- Xi’an Cultural Immersion Programme (22 May-28 May2016)
  • To increase our pupils’ knowledge of the world beyond Singapore;
  • To heighten our pupils’ interests in other parts of the world;
  • To expose pupils to a different culture in Asia and provide opportunity for cross cultural exchange in a globalized world;
  • To provide opportunities for our pupils to apply their Mother Tongue Language