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Secondary 3 Service Learning Programme

At Secondary Three level, students are tasked to identify and understand the needs of the community by reaching out to the external voluntary welfare organisations. Together with their peers, the students will carry out projects to improve the lives of the identified beneficiaries. Students take ownership of these projects through careful planning and implementation of the projects. This in turn shapes them into socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community.

After implementing their projects, each class will also prepare a poster to capture their class VIA journey. These posters will be displayed along the school’s Service Learning Gallery Walk.

These are the posters prepared by our Secondary Three students after the implementation of their Service Learning projects:


Sec 3 Respect Team 1 -Xin Yuan Community Care

Sec 3 Integrity Team 2 - Service Learning at Concern and Care Society

Sec 3 Commitment Team 1 - The Joy of Giving

Sec 3 Commitment Team 2 - Service Learning at Nanayang Polytechnic

Sec 3 Enterprise Team 1 - Food From Our Hearts

Sec 3 Enterprise Team 2 - Lending a Helping Hand to the Community

Sec 3 Dynamic Team 1 - Project Happiness, Me and Singapore

Sec 3 Dynamic Team 2 - Winning Hearts at Willing Hearts

Sec 3 Thinking Team 1 - Games Day at East Coast Park

Sec 3 Thinking Team 2 - Delta Senior School SG 50 Carnival

Sec 3 Caring Team 1 - SG50 Community Day with Our Pioneer Generation at NYP

Sec 3 Caring Team 2 - Giving is More than Receving

Sec 3 Character Team 1 - Bringing Out the Community Spirit in All of Us

Sec 3 Character Team 2 - St John's Home for the Elderly

Presenting the photo collage to the staff in the beneficiary organizationTransporting the donated soft toys to the beneficiaries
 SL_3.jpg SL_4.jpg
 Conducting ice-breaker activities with the beneficiaries  Interacting with the beneficiary