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Secondary 2 Charity Bazaar Programme

Evergreen Secondary School organises a Charity Bazaar every year to help raise funds for our identified beneficiaries. This bazaar will be run by all Secondary Two classes, Parent Support Group, as well as interested CCA groups. Through the annual Charity Bazaar, we hope to inculcate an entrepreneurial spirit in our students and foster bonding among the participating student bodies. It is also a platform for Secondary 2 students to work effectively with others and lead their peers.

Here’s the video clip on 2015’s Charity Bazaar prepared by our school’s Info-Comm Club and EVG Vibes student reporters.

PSG Charity Bazzar.jpgPSG Charity Bazzar2.jpg
PSG Involvement in Charity BazaarPSG Involvement in Charity Bazaar
students@charity bazzar.jpgteachers@charity bazzar.jpg
 Students Active InvolvmentTeachers actively involved in the charity bazaar 
students@charity bazzar2.jpgstudents@charity bazzar3.jpg
Strong support from the studentsStrong support from the students 
Mr Chan@charity bazzar1.jpgMr Chan@charity bazzar2.jpg
 Presentation by Mr Chan Chee Keong, Chairman of Children Charities AssociationCheque Presentation to Mr Chan