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Secondary 1 Make a Change Programme

At Secondary 1 Level, each class is tasked to identify one significant area of concern within the school context that the students would like to work on. Thereafter, the class will design and implement a project that brings about a positive change to the school environment while meeting the needs of the school.

After implementing their projects, each class will also prepare a poster to capture their class VIA journey. These posters will be displayed along the school’s Service Learning Gallery Walk.


These are the projects implemented by our Secondary One Students:


Sec 1 Respect - Mozzie Wipeout

Sec 1 Integrity - Design and Make a Difference

Sec 1 Commitment - Raising the School's Awareness of Cyberwellness

Sec 1 Enterprise - Raising Interest Levels For National Day Celebrations

Sec 1 Dynamic - Going Green - A Happy Toilet Project

Sec 1 Thinking - Refurbishing the Media Centre

Sec 1 Character - Raising the School's Awareness of Recycling Practices


Sec 1 Respect - Save the Pens

Sec 1 Integrity - Raising Interest Levels for NDP Celebrations

Sec 1 Commitment - Green Garden

Sec 1 Enterprise - Improving Canteen's Queuing System

Sec 1 Aspire - Reducing Carbon Footprint

Sec 1 Dynamic - Dynamic Paradise

Sec 1 Thinking - Managing Cyber Bullying

Sec 1 Character - Reburbishing Our Music Room


Sec 1 Respect - Cyber-wellnes

Sec 1 Integrity - Recycling rocks

Sec 1 Commitment - Relax Corner

Sec 1 Enterprise - Groom Our Pigeon Holes

Sec 1 Dynamic - Dynamic Canteen Ambassadors

Sec 1 Thinking - Keeping Our Chinese Corner and NE Centre Clean

Sec 1 Caring - Keep Calm and Hook On!

Sec 1 Character - Fight Dengue

EVG Vibes Coverage

Here’s the coverage on Class 1 Respect’s Mozzie Wipeout project prepared by our student reporters from EVG Vibes. 

Mozzie Wipeout

Dengue fever.

Typically spread through a bite of an Aedes mosquito that has bitten an infected person. In the past year, there has been a total of 891 cases in Singapore reported. The symptoms include having sudden high fever, severe headaches, pain behind the eyes, and severe joint and muscle pain. These symptoms can last up to 10 days, and in severe cases, can even lead to death. There is currently no vaccine or cure available for dengue fever.

However, there are some ways and methods you can take to prevent the spread of dengue fever. For example, the Mozzie Wipeout. It targets eradicating all possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes to breed in. In Evergreen Secondary School, Mozzie Wipeout has also been carried out by 1 Respect as their VIA(Values in Action) project to make a change to the school.

In the past few months, 1 Respect has been making posters, giving talks to raise awareness, and even generated weekly reports to the school’s Operations Manager. Slides were produced for the EduTv, and a recce was set up, and a patrol team was also sent to identify and act on potential mosquito breeding sites in the school.

The EduTv has PowerPoint slides that contain information about the dangers of mosquito breeding, and tips on how to prevent dengue.

During their patrols, they noticed a lot of bottle caps that were either left lying on the grass patches, or were disposed in the drains. These bottle caps might have stagnant water in them, becoming a potential mosquito breeding site. The patrol team would remove the bottle caps upon seeing them, with the cooperation of the recce team.

Do check out the video below to find out more about what the patrol team has discovered on their patrols!

Written by :

Lim Shee-ann

2 Integrity