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Service Learning

Evergreen Secondary School believes that Service Learning is an effective and useful platform to promote Character and Citizenship Education (CCE). Through Service Learning, students are provided with many learning opportunities to develop themselves into caring leaders and thinking citizens. We hope to nurture our students into individuals who are compassionate and are able to reflect on their actions to deepen their takeaways from their Service Learning journey.  Through students’ interactions with the less fortunate counterparts in our society, we also aim to develop in them a good sense of responsibility in wanting to contribute and improve the lives of the people in their community. 

Evergreen Secondary’s Service Learning Programme is also in line with MOE’s Values in Action (VIA) as both aim at allowing our youths to internalise the values acquired and build character through their active involvement in the community. Under the Service Learning framework, students’ voices and engagement are maximised as they are empowered to design unique class VIA projects that address the needs of their chosen community groups or beneficiaries. These authentic experiences help to create experiential learning opportunities which are also developmental by nature. This is made possible by the customisation of level-wide programmes according to the learning needs and profile of each level.

Another unique feature of our school’s Service Learning Programme is its focus on leadership development and this is clearly evident in how the programmes are designed at each level. At Lower Secondary level, the focus is on self and peer leadership as students are engaged in designing projects that are set within the context of the school community. Then at Upper Secondary level, students will hone their community leadership skills as they step out of their comfort zones to embark on projects that are partnered with external beneficiaries in voluntary welfare organizations.

The Service Learning Programme of Evergreen Secondary also aims at strengthening students’ social and emotional competencies (e.g. responsible decision making and relationship management) by equipping them with useful life skills such as information processing, communication and project management skills.  All these are in line with the school’s focus in providing a student-centric and holistic education to help our students to make a positive difference to themselves, their families, community and the nation.

Our programmes are as follows:

Secondary 1 Make a Change Programme

Secondary 2 Charity Bazaar Programme

Secondary 3 Service Learning Programme

Secondary 4 and 5 Community Outreach Programme

Other partnerships with the local community