Movers and Shakers Gallery

Lion wall mural.jpg

The Movers and Shakers Gallery showcases the stories of 10 of Singapore's founding fathers and their dreams, visions, and achievements.  A result of our school’s partnership with Singapore Press Holdings, the gallery highlights the leaders who exemplify our school mission, namely, ‘the passion to contribute and excel’.  

The story-telling approach to the lives and contributions of these founding fathers is used by our school to help connect our students to the Singapore Story.  At Sec 1 level, all students go through our Niche School Programme which develops their oral competencies through story telling.  The content of their presentation can be found here on the panels, though they are not restricted to the content presented here.  

When we commemorate the key NE events, we also take the opportunity to make connections with the stories and contributions of these Founding Fathers.  Our student leadership development programme also has a component requiring students to learn and reflect on the contributions of these founding fathers.  Students are also grouped into 6 houses named after the Founding Fathers and though not required by the school, many students do come here to find out about David Marshall, Othman Wok, Goh Keng Swee and other founding fathers. 

Through these stories we enhance the students’ identity as Singaporeans. We have good reasons to know and be proud of the Founding Fathers' contributions, just like Americans know and are proud of contributions of their FF like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.