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Our School NE Facilities

As a former Centre of Excellence for National Education in the North Zone, our school has established facilities well equipped for NE sharing and teaching. Since 2009, the school has continued to be a Lee Kuan Yew National Education Award winner and an active member of the North Zone National Education Consortium.  From 2014 this Consortium is renamed North Zone Character and Citizenship Education Consortium.

EVG Trail

Download the NEXT App and join us in our very own EVG Trail.
This trail takes you through the various exhibits and learning resources at the various corners around the school.  The trail starts from our very own Evergreen museum the NE Learning Centre on the third floor to The Singapore Story exhibits on the second floor, through the Political Leadership Corridor leading to the stairs to the Movers and Shakers Gallery on the first floor and ends at the Emergency Preparedness Centre.  As you move around the school, you can pass by the Malay Corner, Chinese Corner and Indian Corner.

EVG Trail Map 2014.gif
(1) NE Learning Centre 
Styled like a mini-museum, it houses many cultural artefacts from Singapore's past.  The learning centre is divided into three wings; the Heritage Wing, the Defence Wing and the Constraints and Challenges Wing.

(2) The Singapore Story
The story begins with the Founding of Singapore by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the contributions by Our Pioneers, the fall of Singapore during the Japanese Occupation to the Surrender of the Japanese.  Highlights of the Singapore Story are early leadership of the first Prime Minister and the challenges that he went through leading us through the Merger and Separation and to find the strengths of a nation without natural resources to build Our Modern Singapore.

(3) Political Leadership Corridor
It highlights the political history of Singapore, charting the development of Singapore from a Third World to a First World country after the Second World War.

(4) Movers and Shakers Gallery
The Movers and Shakers Gallery showcases the stories of 10 of Singapore's founding fathers and their dreams, visions, and achievements. 

(5) Emergency Preparedness Centre
The Emergency Preparedness Centre is an extension of the Defence Wing that we have in our NE Learning Centre. It is a learning resource that supports our efforts to raises awareness amongst students on the importance to prepare for any kind of emergencies.