Environment Programme

The environment programme aims to promote climate awareness among students and how they can play a part of being a global citizen to help conserve the environment.

Teachers in Charge:

Ms Joan Chia
Mrs Sarah Tan
Mr Fedrick Lim

Our Achievements

Schools’ Green Audit Award 2012 – Lotus Award. Sustained Achievement Award
(for attaining Lotus Award for the 3rd Consecutive time).


Our Programmes and Activities

(A) Recycling Outreach Programme
Recycling efforts done by the students to collect newspaper. The money collected from recycling of newspaper will be donated to the school needy fund.

Students hard at work doing Recycling Campaign
Parents and students’ involvement

(B) Tour to NEWater Visitor Centre
The tour aims to raise awareness and provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of water-related topics and especially on NEWater and its uses.

The students were also involved in an outdoor classroom lesson at the centre which injects fun and intrigue while bringing students closer to water through interesting hands-on experiments.  

Students enjoying hands on interactive games on water related topics.

Students listening attentively to the guide.
Students in the interactive classroom.

(C) Earth Day 2013
Lessons on fighting climate change were planned during the Assembly Period to spread the message of Earth Day. On one of the afternoon, an exhibition was held at the Notice Board Area to raise awareness of the ways the students can do to help conserve the environment. Some of them even pledged to reduce, reuse and recycle in support of the Secondary 3 Eco warriors who were involved in the Inaugural Eco Run.  

Students trying out the interactive exhibits and pledging their support for the Eco Run.
Emcees announcing the winners for the Lower Secondary Slogan Competition.

(D) ABC Water Trail @ MacRitchie Reservoir
In collaboration with the Humanities Department, ABC Water Trail to MacRitchie Reservoir was organised for selected Secondary 2 students in April this year. The experience captures students' imagination as they learn about the various aspects to the Singapore Water Story.

Collecting water samples at different parts of  MacRitchie Reservoir
Testing of water quality by students.
Consolidation of learning points and reflection of the trail.