Evergreen NEXT App!

Do you know which is the oldest bridge in Singapore or where Raffles first landed?

Well, Evergreen NEXT can help you find this out and more as you explore this iPhone and Android application. Developed to enhance your awareness of Singapore, this application tells you interesting facts and provides you with maps and directions to locate these landmarks!

Developed in collaboration with the National Heritage Board of Singapore and the CCE branch (MOE), this is one application that you need to explore our little shining jewel in the tropics!


Next is an iPhone and Android application that is aimed at enhancing awareness about Singapore through a youth-friendly platform!

By knowing the nation better, they would seek to understand it and grow to love it more. As such, the little snippets of information that they come across as they explore the application, will not only highlight the challenges that Singapore has faced, but how we have overcome these challenges.

NEXT stands for

N ear Us, E vents, E X perience & T rails.

We have many functions on this application and one of them, Trails, is created in collaboration with the National Heritage Board. With this particular feature, users can access useful information on the various historical landmarks in the north of Singapore. The GPS feature in the app helps us to locate the various heritage sites and historical landmarks in Singapore.

The other exciting feature of this app is one where daily updates, from the book Today in History, developed in collaboration with the Character and Citizenship Education Branch. Through this feature, we get to know the little known facts about Singapore. 

App Download

Step 1 :Go to Google Play or App Store


Step 2: Search for the keyword “evergreen next” and look for the following app icon.


Step 3: Download for Free


Accessing the Learning Management System

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Step 2

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Step 3

  • Navigate to the eXperiences icon 
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Step 4

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