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National Education

National Education is a part of a holistic education.  It aims to develop national cohesion, cultivate the instinct for survival as a nation and instil in our students, confidence in our nation's future.  It also emphasises on cultivating a sense of belonging and emotional rootedness to Singapore. - MOE National Education

In Evergreen, we aim to cultivate every EVGian into a thinking and caring citizen through our very own NE programme. With our continuous efforts, Evergreen Secondary is awarded with the Lee Kuan Yew National Education (LKYNE) Award for our effective and innovative National Education programme. 
The Lee Kuan Yew National Education (LKYNE) Award recognises schools that have made special effort to design and implement innovative and effective programmes to equip our students with basic attitudes, values and instincts which make them Singaporeans.  As the LKY NE Award is the pinnacle of the NE awards, winners of the LKY NE Award will be deemed to have attained the Outstanding Development Award for National Education. 

Our Vision

Caring Leaders Thinking Citizens

Our NE Goals

1. Knowing and loving Singapore

2. Building bonds with all
3. Contributing and active citizen

Our NE Programmes

  • Core Events
    • Total Defence Day
      • Woodlands Neighbourhood Trail
    • International Friendship Day
    • Racial Harmony Day
    • National Day
  • Values in Action (VIA)
  • Emergency Preparedness (EP) Programme 
  • Environmental Programme
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