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Applied Learning Programme

The EVG Communication Programme

Developing Effective Communicators, Caring Leaders and Inventive Thinking through National Education

Evergreen Secondary’s ALP is the signature 3 year Communication Skills & Inventive Thinking Programme that focuses on values, communication, creative and critical thinking using the real-world context.  Through the EVG Communication Programme, we aim to nurture all our students to become confident leaders, possessing effective communication skills and a sense of purpose.  In this way, we hope to enable every EVGian to Aspire & Achieve and be inspired to contribute actively to Singapore and the wider community.

The mastery of communication skills takes time, opportunity and deliberate practice.  It is closely associated with an ability to think critically and inventively with substance.  A combination of these skills is more successful in developing leaders with a deeper capacity to think and show care for others.  This is why the EVG Communication Programme formally spans over three years, from Secondary 1 to Secondary 3, in a comprehensive plan covering key skills, infused in the curriculum across all academic streams. 

Students will be immersed in a broad range of learning experiences which are purposefully integrated with oral communication, service learning, and creative as well as critical thinking.  They are groomed to take on student leadership roles in school-wide programmes, and will be given special consideration for key learning opportunities such as overseas immersion trips or oral skills training which leads to certification.  It is supported by vibrant co-curricular programmes to tap the diverse interests and talents of motivated students to express themselves through oratory, debating, drama and digital mediums such as photography, animation and e-journalism.  It is also infused into our character and citizenry efforts including the school’s signature Service Learning and student leadership programmes.

The EVG Communication Programme helps to lay a critical foundation for continued success in our students’ choice of further studies beyond secondary school. Good communication enables them to express their ability to think critically.  This ALP gives every student, regardless of the academic course, a strong foundation and a competitive edge when they join the workforce.