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Cyber Wellness in EVG

1)To promote the safe and responsible use of Internet as part of the school’s Character Development Programme.
2)Teachers to educate pupils on the ethical and safe use of ICT, especially on the safe and responsible use of Internet.
Principles from MOE to guide students in their actions
  1. Respect for Self and Others
  2. Safe and Responsible Use
3-Step Process to educate students in their actions
The EVGian 2-3-1 Formula
The 2-3-1 Formula is specially developed in our school to help EVGians understand about Cyber Wellness.
The 2 stands for the 2 Values of Respect and Responsibility, the 3 stands for the 3-step Process of Sense, Think and Act, and the 1 stands for 1 Key Advice which is to Seek for Help


trafficlight.jpgTraffic Lights Analogy used in Evergreen
Red light (Sense) is a signal for us to use our senses (eyes and ears) to stop and look out for on-going traffic.
Analyse the situation
Orange light (Think) is for us to get ready but still be on the look out for any other traffic that may be coming by checking/looking right, left and right again.
Think of what you will be doing next.
Green light (Act) is a signal for us to cross/walk safely.
If you think that your actions are correct, carry it out.

Cyber Wellness is about the 5Cs of Positive Discipline
We must Cooperate, Care, Contribute, know about the Consequences and be citizens of good Character to have healthy relationships in the cyber world and physical world.

How is Cyber wellness infused in evergreen?
  1. 1.         Formal Curriculum

    ·                IP Areas – English and Mother Tongue Lessons

    ·                Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) Lessons


    2.         Informal Curriculum

    ·                Assembly Programmes

    ·                Cyber Wellness Week

    ·                Values-In-Action programs

    ·                Activities led by CW Ambassadors and Student Leaders

    ·                Promoting key national events such as Safer Internet Day

Our students in action

Iman_JianHui.jpg Ron_Bully.jpg