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Role–Specific Development

Within the role-specific leadership development programme, students will take on distinct pupil leadership responsibilities as shown below.


Situational/ Project Leaders

The school provides various leadership opportunities to the pupils in the form of Situational or Project leaders. Opportunities arises during special events such as Lunar New Year Hamper Wrapping Projects, Sec 1 Make A Change Programme, Sec 2 Charity Bazaar Programme and Sec 3 Service Learning Programme. Through these experiences, pupils learned to work in teams and contributed to the school and community. 

Class Committee 

All classes from Secondary One to Five will form class committees. Comprising of different positions such as Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, Administrative Manager, NE and Recycling Representatives, AVA Representative and Well-Being Representatives, the class committee will serve and lead the class in various activities such as The Lunar New Year Hamper Wrapping for the Woodlands Community, the school’s National and Environmental education programmes, and projects such as The Charity Bazaar (Sec 2) and Service Learning (Sec 3).

CCA Leaders 

When EVGians are promoted to Secondary 3, they take on more leadership roles and positions in their respective CCAs. These CCA leaders take on the responsibility of coaching the junior members, and assist the teachers in the carrying out of CCA activities. They also represent the schools in major National Events such as the Singapore Youth Festivals, National Day Parades, National School Games, School Digital Media Awards and Singapore Odyssey of the Mind Competitions.


From planning and running school-wide events to assisting the school in its day-to-day operations, the EVG Prefectorial Board takes great pride and responsibility in carrying out their duties and tasks. The Prefectorial Board has had an illustrious history and over the years the board and its members have taken on increasingly complex roles and tasks to serve the student population, the school and the community. The Prefects are school level pupil leaders are recognised as the top pupil leader body in the school.

Prefect Executive Committee and CCA Executive Committee

The Prefect and CCA Executive Committees are elite pupil leaders of the school. Entry into these prestigious committees is highly competitive with a rigorous selection process which starts when the Prefects and CCA leaders are in Secondary Three. To ensure that the committees are staffed by the best suited candidates, the “through-train” option allows the top pupil leaders to make the switch to either body, depending on the talent displayed by the individual pupil leader. The executive committees undergo an intensive development programme and are presented with numerous opportunities to hone their leadership skills. It is little surprise then that many of our past executive committee members have gone on to perform exceedingly well at the O levels and subsequently take on senior leadership positions in Junior Colleges and Polytechnics.

The 13th Prefect Executive Committee

                                                The 5th CCA Executive Committee

The above selected groups of pupil leaders will undergo additional skills-specific development opportunities such as Overseas Service Learning, OBS camps, LIA camps and customised training workshops. They will also lead other students in a variety of school-wide activities and programmes, including Lunar New Year Hamper Wrapping Project, Secondary One Orientation, Teachers’ Day, EVG Olympic Week and Prom Night.