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National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA)

nyaa.jpgThe National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) is one of the premier youth development programmes in Singapore. The aim of the NYAA Programme is to encourage students to develop personal qualities of self-reliance, perseverance and a sense of responsibility to themselves, to society and to the nation.   

The criteria for an award are those of self-improvement and effort as participants are judged on personal achievement measured against original circumstances and potential capabilities. This allows students to participate on an equal opportunity basis.   

In Evergreen Secondary School, the NYAA programme is carefully aligned to the school’s strategic thrusts. This enables the leveraging on the existing rich and vibrant school activities and programmes to fulfil the requirements of the NYAA.   

All secondary 2 students will register for the NYAA (Bronze) Programme and selected secondary 3 students will register for the NYAA (Silver) Programme.

The students will be registering for the Award which will track his/ her progress throughout the year in 4 specific areas - Service, Skills Acquisition, Physical Recreation and Outdoor Adventure.