EVG Friendship Futsal Tournament 2015

The EVG Friendship Futsal Tournament was held on 4 August 2015 from 3-6pm at the school field. The intraschool event, organised by the school CCA EXCOs, was an open 5-a-side Futsal tournament open to all students and teachers. The tournament was held to celebrate the Olympic values of Friendship and Respect, along with our school values Respect and Integrity through friendly yet intense sport.

More than 100 students and teachers took part in the tournament, with many other spectators coming to cheer them on. It was a good opportunity for students teachers to interact with their schoolmates from both sporting and non-sporting CCAs, and students learnt the importance of fairplay and fitness in the process. Teachers also formed their own teams or formed teams with students, which encouraged teacher-student interaction.

The Futsal tournament was a resounding success, with Teachers United, the team comprising Mr Lee Kim Fatt, Mr Iskandar, Mr Su Weilun, Mr Afif, Ms Shimah and Ms Feng Hui'er, emerging overall champions.
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Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) - A Leader's Journey for the Youth Programme

Every year, selected student leaders have the opportunity to take part in the  5-day OBS programme, where they join other student leaders and embark on kayaking expeditions.


Here are some extracts of our student leaders’ reflections.

I felt that as a whole, OBS wasn’t as scary as it seemed to me at the start. This camp was very different from the others, changing complete strangers into a group of best friends in just 5 days. Partially, it had to do with how everyone contributed to the team, being very open-minded and not self-centered. In other camps, especially leadership training camps, we all already knew of the values that we were always taught. But this camp was special, we had more scenarios to apply our values and see for ourselves how much it affects us. I learnt more about myself, how I used to be quiet, and saw everything as objects of stress. But I learnt that, it was not the situation, but the people around you that made the journey well worth the time. I feel more encourage doing things in the future, and overcome obstacles with more zest as I think back to these 5 days. I’ve learnt a lot these 5 days that I will apply into the rest of my leadership journey, and made memories that I will never forget.

-       Jessica Ley (Head Prefect)

When it's the last day, everyone couldn't bear to leave each other. This trip was tiring and tough as we have to reach our goal within the time limit, and it has teaches me what is a sense of urgency. Also, I learnt from kayaking that, if you don't peddle, you get pushed back, if you don't control the kayak, it will take control of you. I learnt a lot of values from friends, instructor and the camp. I really enjoyed the camp.

-       Yiling (Prefect Exco)

OBS is the toughest, yet the best camp I've been to. It has taught me a lot, by getting out of my comfort zone, experiencing things I've not gone through before, and having to persevere even when I'm totally worn out. It was not those usual camps where we always do cheers. This was a far better camp. I felt it was a life-changing one. I'm glad that I have the chance to go for this camp

-       Mabel (CCA Exco)

Bintan Service Learning 2013 

Every year, various CCA groups, namely Interactors and uniformed groups, embark on a learning journey to Bintan to carry out community service.

During this learning journey, participants learn the values of respect, commitment, responsibility and care through their interaction with each other and the Bintan hosts. They also develop the cross-cultural skills needed to build personal friendship with the residents of another country.

To learn more about this year’s meaningful overseas service learning, kindly read the heartfelt account by the President of the Interact Club below.




Leadership In Action Camp

The LIA camp is a very important leadership developmental programme for all aspiring Secondary 3 pupil leaders who have been specially selected by their CCA teachers. It is designed for our top pupil leaders who role model our school values of R – Respect, I – Integrity, C – Commitment, E – Enterprise, (RICE). These selected pupil leaders also demonstrate a clear passion to contribute and excel within their CCAs, the school and the community. This leadership developmental camp will provide essential and intensive leadership training for the students to prepare him/her to take up greater leadership roles and responsibilities.  

Leading the Band: My thoughts about the LIA Camp 2013

Written by :Eunice Yeo (3 Respect) 

During the LIA camp that took place from the 15th to the 16th of March during the school holidays, selected Secondary 3 students participated in this camp to embark on their lifelong leadership journey. 

Initially, I wasn’t used to the fact that we had to rush about and around in short time frames, standardising the way we held our things. It was kind of like a shock to me because the camps I attended did not give such high expectations of the campers. 

This camp, though it was tough, taught me quite a lot of values, two of which I list here which I felt was the most important. 

One of the most important things this camp has taught me is that communication and a strategy is necessary for accomplishment. Without a strategy, one can never do anything. Whatever we do in life has a purpose. The WAY we do things in life needs a good strategy. To have a strategy, you need to have good communication with your fellow team members to achieve your goals. My group had to take a really long time to learn this in LIA, well, partly because of the fact that we did not really know how to communicate effectively with one another, and because of short time frames our ICs (the EXCOs) gave us for discussion of strategy. 

Another thing I learnt was that merging of ideas is important. People cannot keep rejecting one another’s idea; we would not be progressing anywhere. All ideas are good, thus none of them should be deemed bad. I remember once when we played a game where we had to balance balloons while two other team members played a game of ‘ttakji’ (folded paper, usually thick paper like newspaper or cardboard that is thrown onto the floor at another ttakji to make it flip). If we could not keep the balloons away from the floor then we lost. While strategising, many ideas bubbled from all of us like a fountain, and eventually we merged our ideas to form a great big idea that worked so much better, because we could balance the balloon for a longer period of time. 

LIA has been a significant part of my journey in Evergreen Secondary School. I really missed this camp even though it was tough on me (I’m not exactly physically fit) because this camp has taught me that everyone can be a leader. 

I miss the fun we had as a group, figuring out ways on how to succeed in the games we played, sometimes I even miss our ICs yelling at all of us. This camp is and sure will be a thing that defined Secondary 3 for the LIA campers, when we graduate and think back about the life we had in secondary school. My classmates who have been to LIA too miss ‘reporting strength’ and often tease, saying ‘still want to walk ah?!’ not in fun but in the shared memory of LIA.  

I’m looking forward to Part 2 of LIA Camp. Secondary 3s: What about you?

National Secondary School Student Leaders Conference (NS3LC) 2013

Written by Eunice Yeo, 3 RSP


What does it mean to serve? Why volunteer? Well, four secondary three prefects from Evergreen Secondary School got the answer from volunteer workers and speakers from the National Youth Council (NYC) in the annual National Secondary School Student Leaders Conference (NS³LC) 2013 held in Republic Polytechnic on the 17th of April 2013. They are, Muhammad (3 RSP), Nicholas (3 ITG) Lyana (3 THK) and myself.

What is NS³LC? Well, NS³LC is a conference for student leaders from all secondary schools in Singapore, to discuss perspectives they value from Our Singapore Conversation (OCS), and start projects in their respective schools based on the perspective they value the most. The catchphrase of this year’s conference is ‘Our Student Leaders in Action’.

This year, the conference was mainly revolving around perspectives from OCS. During a survey on the prefects, most of them felt that ‘A Singapore with a Greater Sense of Togetherness’ is the most important. What does that mean? Well, it means that Singapore should be more like one family, with a strong ‘kampung spirit’.

During the conference, we had to discuss on ways to promote a spirit of togetherness in the Singaporean community and in our schools, and then do a group sharing with the other student leaders from other schools, who agreed on the same perspective as us.

After the sharing there was a ‘Marketplace’ session, where the best ideas from the schools in the North, South, East and West Zones had the opportunity to market their idea and get ‘Likes’ on a chart. The school which came up with the highest number of votes would have to present their ideas to Mr Lawrence Wong, the Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information, and to the Minister for Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat. The presentations from all the schools from the different zones were interesting and their ideas extremely practical.

During a speech by Acting Minister Mr Lawrence Wong, he announced that youths across all secondary schools would be encouraged to do volunteer work as there is a new partnership between the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) and the National Youth Council (NYC), and selected schools would start this project as pilot Community and Youth Leadership schools, working with NYC and tapping on a SGD 100 million fund that will support volunteering activities. That is, indeed, wonderful news. EVGians, be prepared for community service projects coming your way!

After the sharing session and a quick lunch break there was this segment called the ‘Living Library’, where speakers from the Singapore Kindness Movement and Voluntarius came to give talks on two perspectives, A Society Anchored on Values and A Society with a more fulfilling pace of life. The speeches were extremely motivational and inspirational. Most of the time, we always give ourselves excuses not to do volunteer work, saying ‘I’m too busy’ or even ‘So what, that does not even help me’. Well, I remember during a talk by a volunteer from Voluntarius, Ellysa Emily.

Ellysa Emily is a Secondary 4 Student from CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls School who will be taking her O’Levels this year. Yet, she has the time to volunteer at a dog shelter and she never neglects her studies, even. ‘I do volunteer work at the shelter every Saturday and I focus on my studies every day for 2 to 3 hours,’ she stated during a Q&A Session.

After that segment we had to expand on our project idea for our school. Well, I’m sure you are yearning to know what we have thought up!

To promote a greater sense of togetherness in Evergreen and boost the school spirit we planned to perhaps have inter-class games, which may include sports or board games. We also thought of making phone straps for all EVGians and staff to emphasise on our common identity as a student or staff of the school. When this plan may be implemented we do not know, but it may be soon!

The conference was really eye-opening for me and I would never have thought that so many student leaders want to make a change to the society around us. For the representatives from EVG who will be attending the conference next year, I have some advice for you: Have fun and feel free to share your thoughts on different project ideas. Do not forget to make some new friends from other schools, and be open-minded to learn new things!


Reflections from Student Leaders

“This conference is great! It has encouraged me to do more volunteer work and I shall try my best to do more in the near future, perhaps at the end of the year or after O’levels in 2014. But first I need to make some time first because studying to me is still important!’

–Eunice, 3 RSP

“I feel that the conference was effective as it can help us to plan better for future events. The talks were also enriching and inspirational. The conference also managed to improve my confidence level to do public speaking. Overall, I think the conference helped me greatly.”

–Lyana, 3 THK

“I think that the conference is very informative. I learned that the society should have a sense of togetherness so that there will be a common goal and everyone will work together and be united to work and thus achieve success”

-Nicholas, 3 ITG

“I feel that the program during the conference can be better improved. In my opinion, I feel that the knowledge we learned in the conference may be forgotten soon enough. We should have a greater takeaway from this session and thus I felt that this conference was only slightly beneficial. Due to a rush in program we could not learn much as well. I feel that more could have been done by the organisers so that it will be a beneficial program for student leaders present at the conference.”

-Muhammad, 3 RSP