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Cohort–Wide Development

The cohort-wide development spans over the 4 or 5 years of the students' education in Evergreen. The focus of each year is as follows:






Leading oneself through daily actions


Peer Leadership

Leading peers to achieve common goals


Community Leadership

Serving community to improve the lives of others.

4 and 5

Developmental Leadership

Developing other leaders, Leaving a Legacy


The programme is differentiated and progressive over four years, with each year’s development building on prior knowledge from the previous years. All students will have the opportunity to develop their leadership competencies through comprehensive leadership workshops and experiential learning during the four years of secondary school life in Evergreen.   The pinnacle of the cohort wide development is the Service Learning Programme, during which all Secondary Three students will plan, organise and implement self-initiated projects to serve the community. The Service Learning Programme is one of our key Niche School Programmes and it develops our students to be self-directed learners, active contributors, concerned citizens and confident people, as envisioned by the Ministry of Education.