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Student Leadership

Guiding Philosophy

In Evergreen Secondary School, we believe in developing leadership in all students through the student leadership development programme. Student leadership development is an integral part of the school’s overall Character and Citizenship Education (CCE).

The leadership education in EVG is named Leadership in Action (L.I.A). The guiding philosophy of our programme is Service through Leadership. We believe that Leadership is action, not position. It is with this belief that Evergreen Secondary School’s Student Leadership Development Committee has crafted the following mission statement for its L.I.A programme.


To develop student leaders who are role models with a passion to lead, contribute and excel.


Evergreen Student Leader Model

The Evergreen Student Leader Model is as follows:


The model represents different levels of leadership competencies that define a Evergreen Student leader. The school’s R.I.C.E values, the Social and Emotional (SE) domains, and the Leadership Practices adapted from the Student leadership Challenge from Kouzes and Posner. The student leader model is likened to a diamond and every facet adds to the shine of the student’s overall leadership competency. 

Approach to Leadership in Action

The LIA programme is supported by the “7 pillars of LIA”, and implemented through Cohort-wide Development Programme and Role-specific Development programme as represented by the diagram below.