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Lower Secondary


Normal (Technical) - Environmental Science

Normal (Academic) and Express - Modular Approach

Environment Infused Curriculum for Normal Technical

The Environmental Science curriculum for Secondary One and Two Normal(Technical) describes the environment, interprets the impact of human actions on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and develops strategies for restoring ecosystems. This theme is chosen for the lower secondary science syllabus for of the following reasons:

  1. Opportunities to integrate other subjects such as geography, social sciences and national education into the  syllabus.
  2. The theme allows students to be able to be more involved in activities outside the classroom.
  3. Students will be able to see the everyday applications of science, hence they will be able to appreciate science  as the philosophy of nature.

Integrated approach for Normal (Academic) and Express

Students undergo a rigorous two year lower secondary science curriculum in Evergreen Secondary School. Science topics are categorized under the three main disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics and are taught separately by teachers from each of the disciplines of science. Much effort has been invested to integrate the three sciences through interdisciplinary projects such as IPW.