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Our Programmes

Mother Tongue Basic Conversational Programme (10 weeks)

  1. All interested students have a try-out in our MT basic conversational programme. At the end of the course, students are able to converse in simple Chinese or Malay.
  2. Students will first attend level 1 course before proceeding to level 2. 

Sec 1 ML Cultural Camp (March holidays)

Chinese Literature and History Seminar for HCL students
Students get a glimpse of Chinese literature and history.
Chinese Cultural Trail for Sec 2 students
-Students follow a cultural trail to discover more about Singapore landmarks led by guides from the Tourism Board.

Visit to the Chinese Heritage Centre for Sec 3 students
Students get a chance to learn more about early immigrants of Singapore.

Cultural Experiences

Gongxi Raya Concert
A collaboration of different races in the celebration of the Hari Raya Festival and Chinese New Year.
Campus Superstar Contest 
Organized by Sec 2 HCL students. Overwhelming response from students of all levels.
Tea Art Appreciation
All students from Sec 1 are introduced to the beauty of tea art. They get a chance to visit Tea Chapter at Neil Road.
Drama Course for HCL students. (July to September)
  • Students get hands on experience with drama. Students will present a short skit upon the completion of the course. Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Course for HCL students.  (August to Sept)
  • Students learn and appreciate Chinese Calligraphy and Painting. Their work will also be showcased in the school.

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
All races will come together to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Evergreen Student Reporter Course

This course is conducted by the Singapore Youth Newspaper for our Sec 1 and Sec 2 HCL students. In all, 20 students are selected to participate in the 10-week course from March to July.
Objectives of the course are:
  • To develop and identify talents and potential, thereby creating a leader in every reporter
  • To inculcate positive values and attitudes
  • To teach life skills and communication skills
  • To provide opportunities for participation outside school community
After going through the course, the EVG student reporter is expected to become:
  • A confident person who is able to think independently and critically, and communicate effectively
  • A self-directed learner who takes responsibility and harnesses ICT for quality learning
  • An inquisitive person who questions and reflects in the process of reporting

Proverbs 2009


This project is a part of the action research done by the CL unit for the Professional Learning Committee. The objective of the curriculum design is to develop a school-based curriculum by using Chinese proverbs and common sayings as learning toos to promote appreciation of Chinese culture and imporve the quality of their essays. The curriculum aims to enhance the students's learning experience by arousing their interest and keeping them engaged through various fun activities such as lyrics writing, story telling and letter writing. The proverbs were collated and designed in the form of quotation cards and these were launched by our Principal to the lower secondary students in May.