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Computer Applications

Platinum Award for Media Computing Competition (MEC)

Every year, two of our Normal Technical students take part in the Media Computing (MEC) Competition as part of their CPA coursework. The Media Computing Competition is organised by the Computing Education Unit, Sciences Branch, Curriculum Planning and Development Division (CPDD). It is open to Normal (Technical) and Normal (Academic) students offering Computer Applications (CPA).Platinum Award for MEC.jpg
The objectives of the competition are to: 
  • provide a platform to showcase students’ work
  • develop students’ interest in media design
  • hone students’ communication and presentation skills
Platinum Award for MEC 2.jpg
This year, the themes given to the secondary 2 and 3 students were “Future of Singapore” and “Shapes and Puzzles” respectively. Secondary 2 students are to create an animation based on their perception of Singapore in the future while the Secondary 3 students are to create a game involving shapes and puzzles.
After the submission of the projects to CPDD, our student, Voo Jun Hong from 3CHR, was shortlisted to vie for one of the three Platinum Awards. In this round, he had to demonstrate the game to the judges and gave an oral presentation about his game. Jun Hong presented his game well and he was awarded with the Platinum Award alongside Dunman Secondary School and Bukit Panjang Government High School.  

Here's a video of Jun Hong's game:

Platinum Award for MEC 3.jpg