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Information and Communication Technology

School ICT Vision:

A creative and collaborative network of learners in an ICT-enhanced school community.

School ICT Mission:

To develop students into responsible digital citizens and engaged learners through ICT.

School ICT Goals:

  1. Integration: To promote self-directed and collaborative learning for quality and engaged learning through ICT.
  2. Cyber Wellness: To promote the safe and responsible use of digital media as part of the school's Character Development Programme.
  3. Professional Development: To build teacher capacity to harness technology to achieve ICT-enriched learning experiences.

EVG ICT SMART Framework.png


 Social media allows people to create, share or exchange information, ideas and images in virtual communities and networks.

 All EVGians are expected to be Caring Leaders and Thinking Citizens through your responsible actions on social media by observing the following guidelines.


School ICT Programmes:

  1. ICT Baseline Skills Enrichment Programme [Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel & Microsoft PowerPoint] for Secondary One & Three students.
  2. Adobe Photoshop Enrichment Programme for Secondary Three Service Learning.
  3. Cyber Wellness Modules [2 Principles: Respect For Self And Others and Safe & Responsible Use Of The Internet, 3 Big Ideas: Identity, Relationships and Choices & 4 Themes: Cyber Identity, Cyber Use, Cyber Relationships and Cyber Citizenship] taught during Citizenship & Character Development (CCD) lessons.
  4. Cyber Wellness Assembly Talks:  Zero Tolerance for Cyber Bullying for Lower Secondary students and Positive Online Presence for Upper Secondary students.
  5. E-Learning [Home-Based Learning].
  6. AVA/ICT Student Representative Training.
  7. ICT Workshop for staff [Learning Management System [LMS], ICT Baseline Skills & Web 2.0 tools].
  8. ICT Mentoring Programme for staff by ICT Mentors.

Harnessing of ICT for Teaching & Learning

Use of mobile carts for teaching & learning


Use of Wiki spaces for Literature


Use of Google Sites for Self-Directed Learning in Mathematics

google site 3.jpg

Use of Padlet in Mathematics

Padlet Discussion.jpg

Use of Google Forms for Self-Directed Learning in Mathematics

google form.jpg

Use of Google Sites & Videos for Self-Directed & Collaborative Learning in Science

google site science.jpg

Use of Lino-It Tool for Collaborative Learning for D&T


Student ICT Enrichment Workshops

ICT enrichment.jpg

ICT enrichment 2.jpg

Staff ICT Professional Development

The Staff ICT Workshops are customised and differentiated based on learning needs, interests and abilities of staff.  For example, Learning Management System (LMS) Training is for all staff while workshops on use of Google Apps, Web 2.0 tools, Video and Animation is organized for staff who are interested to explore the use of technology for their teaching and learning.