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To ignite students’ passion, develop them with linguistic and literary skills, and empower them into confident global citizens of the 21st Century. 


A passionate, confident and proficient English community


Key Approaches to English and Literature

Strategic Thrust 1
Academic Excellence:
Engaging and effective Instructional Programme which value-adds to student achievement and development.
Curricular Goals:
We learn well academically & fulfil our academic potential. 
We learn to be willing & skillful lifelong learners.
Strategic Thrust 2: 
Character & Citizenship Development:
An NE values-driven EL programme which moulds our students into good citizens.
Curricular Goals: 
We learn to be Good, Thinking & Caring citizens.
We learn to be Self-Disciplined.
We learn to communicate confidently in Standard English.

Through these approaches, the desired outcome of an EVGian is an EL & Lit student who is a
  • Critical and Inventive Thinker
  • Self-Directed Learner
  • Active Contributor
  • Concerned Citizen
  • Confident Communicator

From our teachers

One who brings words alive
One who paints with them
One who lends a voice to feelings and emotions 
Expression to the inexpressible…
Fiction ceases to be 
Spurred by imagination, characters breathe their distinct characteristics
We start to hear them
See them
And feel their pulse through our mind’s eye…
Such classes challenge our understanding of the world around us
Of human nature and the complex relationships
Stimulate us to see beyond the apparent
Encourage to think the unthinkable
Fantasize the unknown
Dream the impossible
By providing us the means of language, coherence and comprehension
And one person triggers such an influence…
The English Teacher!
Written by Ms. Issani and Mr. Shaun


Programmes & Workshops

Sec 1: Story-Telling Programme
The English Language Department strongly believes in the importance of equipping our students with  storytelling  skills so that they can develop into confident communicators.
During this programme, students work collaboratively to present a story which educates their peers on National Education values and social issues. Through this experience,  students will become more expressive and confident speakers.

Sec 3: Communication Workshops

As part of the English Language Department’s effort to develop effective communication, the Sec 3 pupils are equipped with the necessary presentation skills so that they develop into caring and confident communicators.
During this course, the pupils learn invaluable communication skills. They worked collaboratively to promote a social cause and raise awareness for the school community.  Through this experience, they have become more persuasive speakers.

Literature Objectives

Writing Skills to articulate a response to a text so as to answer structured questions and preparatory essays. Students should be able to construct a coherent and thoughtful argument.
Reading Skills to promote the love for reading. Provide a sound foundation for a possible extension of this subject at higher levels. Encouraging students to read widely.
Drama Skills to understand characterization, setting, mood and atmosphere.
Creative Writing Skills to explore creation of personal works such as composing original poems.